Why You Need to Learn Microsoft Excel

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There are enough people out there who think they do not need to learn Microsoft Excel. It is an extremely powerful tool that can seem daunting. Here are some of the ways you can use:

  1. Lists – If you use Microsoft Word to create tables and are large and fill the page, or had to switch to the normal view that overflows the page, Microsoft Excel is an option. Think of Excel as a table. It simply has more than 200 columns and 32,000 rows (much more depending on the version, Excel 2003 is 65,536 rows) you can easily create a list of contacts and sort by multiple columns or rows even using a custom list to create a custom sort. With the new table format or the oldest automatic formatting, you can format your list quickly and change the format of the free timesheet template even to faster.
  2. Timesheets – If you need to track your time, timesheets are a useful tool especially when the start time and an end time are entered can also have a calculation that will calculate the total hours and minutes was spent. So for a simple sum total add them all together and format the sum to demonstrate the accumulated time can take more than 24 hours. For example, if you’re free timesheet template has a total of 40 hours on it, its sum does not show 40 hours, but 16 hours because the time is in 24-hour increments and you want to add one day every 24 hours. Accumulated time allows you to display all the time, without adding days. This is done by changing the format of all time [hh]: mm brackets indicate Microsoft Excel to display the cumulative time.
  3. Invoices – As with time frames this is a great way to charge customers if you do not have specific billing software. I would use Microsoft Excel instead of Microsoft Word, why? Because Microsoft Excel can easily calculate totals and taxes.
  4. Projections – people are good both for professional and personal use. For business projections can be used for sales, costs and expenses, the list can continue. I think the projections for both, how much training do for people, how many people need to attend a training course in order to balance etc. Staff can create slideshows for special events such as weddings and family parties. Holidays are my favorite, you can have how much you can save per month, then create a table for different holiday packages and calculate the amount of money you will have for each.
  5. Cash Flow – This is something that everyone should calculate, but how many of us actually do? Basic knowledge of Excel spreadsheet will create a fantastic cash flow that can connect how much you spend on monthly, annual and quarterly items. So the spreadsheet will calculate how much of your salary you should go to pay for all of your expenses and how much it is how to spend money. There are plenty of templates that can be downloaded from the Internet to do this; Microsoft Office Online has some that are free.
  6. Scenarios – This could be confused with projections but projections I mean calculations in a worksheet, for scenarios I mean built-in scenarios present. Create a worksheet, for example, a cash flow. If you are looking for a new job or trying to see what your cash flow would look like at different salaries, you can create a scenario for each salary amount. When you want to see how it looks, you can display and the entire worksheet will be updated. You can create a scenario report showing how they are all on a reporting table or PivotTable.

If you think you would like to use Microsoft Excel in one of these ways, but are not sure how to then consider taking a training course. When looking for a training course and want to learn how to use the software in a particular way ask what of course it will, if in doubt, if you need more basic training in order to build your knowledge to a higher level Advanced asking to speak with one of the coaches should be able to find out how much they know and which courses need to learn what you need.

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