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While handling precious information of a company, the most useful thing would be tracking the activity of employees to make sure the information is not being misused. SpyBubble is one such app that fulfills this purpose. It is a next generation monitoring app that enables users to track the target device. All you need is a web portal and you have an access to the activity of the targeted device.

Besides companies that use this app to keep an eye on their employees, it is also used by parents and spouses. Kids today have gained an incredible amount of access and exposure to technology. You won’t find a single kid sans mobile phone or not so tech savvy. And kids are at the peak of curiosity where they want to discover new things. This might lead them to following wrong things and falling into bad habits.

With the use of various social networking apps, spouses fear being cheated. SpyBubble helps parents keep a check on their kid’s activities and prevent them from going astray. It also helps spouses make sure they are not being cheated.

SpyBubble comes with all the basic tracking features. It lets you find out the incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and media files being exchanged via phone and on internet. You can track the person using the targeted device through GPS tracking system whenever you want to. This feature helps you track the employee location if you feel something is fishy. You can even track your child’s location if he/she is stuck somewhere and needs help.

One attractive feature that comes with this app is that you can activate and deactivate any function whenever you want to without physically accessing the target device. It does so by sending commands to the targeted device. SpyBubble supports a variety of operating systems and devices including iPhones, Blackberry, Android phones, Symbian. It is value for money and comes a lot cheaper than other tracking and monitoring apps and softwares.

For people who are looking for basic tracking functions, SpyBubble does the work. But it lacks various advanced functions.  Another setback is that a lot of people complain about its customer support services. Another catch is the subscription plan. SpyBubble comes with just one plan that can be purchased for three months. While it seems a bit rigid, it is reasonable as compared to other tracking softwares.

SpyBubble is an undetectable software. This means once you install the software in the target device, you don’t have to worry about it being detected by the user. There are no notifications or alerts on the target device. All of the tracked data and information is sent to your private account.

You can download a demo version of the software and use it for $1 to gain an overall idea of how it works and what are its functions. Once you are sure about the software, you can proceed with making the purchase. For more details about the software, click here.

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