VirtualShield – Remain Safe and Anonymous with a Credible VPN

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A virtual private network (VPN) refers to a connection with suitable encryption features that allow online users to safely browse the Internet. With it, you can remain anonymous when surfing websites or transmitting sensitive data to complete online transactions. Moreover, you remain untraced even when you are using an insecure public wireless fidelity (wi-fi) hotspot.  This is because the virtual private network hides all of its user’s Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. As a result, your web browsing activities and online transactions on the Internet remain practically untraceable. The connection also prevents individuals with nefarious intentions like hackers from eavesdropping into your online activities.

VirtualShield – Why should online users use a good virtual private network?

VirtualShield is a popular virtual private network that allows online users to browse the Internet anonymously and safely. This network has suitable security and encryption features, which provide them with adequate protection when surfing various websites. Moreover, they even can keep all of their online activities private and secure from hackers. The network works on various hardware devices and is compatible with a wide range of operating systems. These include Windows, IOS, Opera Plugin, Android App, Chrome Plugin, Mac OS, and Firefox Plugin. Its standard package has 19 remote severs where online users can access the Internet from 12 different locations.


Experts from credible virtual private network services explain online users frequently use insecure wireless fidelity (wi-fi) hotspot connections in various public places. These could be coffee shops, upmarket shopping centers, airports, restaurants, and even hotels. They assume there is no harm carrying out their online activities or browsing the Internet on public networks. After all, the connections are open to everyone.

However, they expose themselves to the following three potential risks:

1. Online users’ computer systems become vulnerable to malware attacks by hackers who upload malicious software into networks,

2. Cyber-criminals use insecure public networks to eavesdrop into the online users’ browsing activities to steal their confidential data, and

3. Online users even become susceptible to man-in-middle (MitM) attacks by individuals trying to access their personal data.

Users do not face these dangers when using a virtual private network, even on public wi-fi. This is because they can activate certain security features within the connection to encrypt their sensitive data. Taking this step ensures their email Ids, passwords, online banking details, and credit card information remain untraceable. When cyber-criminals eavesdrop on their web surfing activities on the Internet, they will come across information that cannot be understood and practically useless. Moreover, online users always remain anonymous when browsing the Internet with a good virtual private network.

Experts from VirtualShield sum up by saying that online users can safely browse the Internet on public wi-fi using a virtual private network. They can encrypt all their sensitive and confidential data by activating the relevant security features on their connections. As a result, they remain invulnerable to eavesdropping by cyber-criminals, malware, and man-in-middles attack. In the process, they can conduct online transactions, check their emails, or surf websites safely. Moreover, they also keep their online identity anonymous without the tensions of their personal information being traced.