Discover how to take care of a computer with these tips

Knowing how to choose the computer that suits your needs is essential, so is keeping it in good condition and doing the necessary maintenance to extend its useful life. Here we share some tips which will help you to take care of your computer. Click here to know about care for your keyboard.

Turn it off every day

We recommend that you have your computer turned off at least once a day, it is proven that if you turn off in the middle of the day it makes the system work more efficiently. Many of us uses computer without shutting the device for 1 month which is not helpful for the longevity of the device.

Decorate moderately

If you want to put stickers on your computer, we recommend limiting yourself to an extent ensuring free spaces so that the air can circulate and prevent it from overheating. Visit this site to know about care for your keyboard.

Avoid eating and drinking nearby

Avoid consuming any food, if debris falls on the computer, they can reach the interior causing damage. The sugar in some beverages and foods does a lot of damage to computers because they stick to surfaces.

Clean it periodically

Before cleaning it, make sure that the computer is turned off and disconnected from the power. You can clean the surfaces with a cloth, always use a clean and soft cloth. You can also use the vacuum cleaner to clean between the keyboard keys.

Delete what you don’t need

Every 2 or 3 months delete files and programs that you don’t use to free up space on your hard drive and make your computer run faster. Unwanted files can eat spaces inside your computer and unwanted software will consume ram which will definitely reduce the performance of your computer.

Regularly go for servicing

Make sure you go for servicing at least twice a year to make sure that your computer is in perfect order. During the servicing, ensure proper diagnosis of the computer.

Always use updated operating system

This is a vital point. We all are concerned about the hardware of our computer. We all want a computer with powerful processor and motherboard. But, in many cases, we hardly care about the operating system. Often, we use backdated OS. Using backdated OS, enhances the risk of security breach. And, pc also becomes slow because of backdated operating system.



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Most needed!

          Everyone who has decided to by a particular product these days has one thing on their minds and it is to get the opinion of the others such as the peer group andothers. But now the latest trend is to get the reviews done by the experts in the field or from people who have used these products and then have given their first hand experience after using these products. This has become a must since there is an issue of integrity involved in all matters now. Not all brands give out what theyclaim they do. But rather they stop at just word and the products is the same mundane looking one which you might have seen year’s agesomewhere. In order to avoid such costly mistakes and get every penny’s worth, then you have to visitthe blog at and obtain the rightinformation about the product.

Fro further details on the subject you can click on the link given above.


All categories:

  • The reviewer’s blog carries out the reviewer’s job that is to research the products for its performance ad analyze how well the product or the gadget works.
  • Some of them may not be what you expected but you can feel lucky as it savedyou a ton of money and also professional reviewers give out the indepth details on the products and they also are involved in categorizing the products suchasthe audio equipment that is meant for music which is now catching up due to various reasons in the market.
  • They give their opinions on a few categories of software such as the gaming software, the applications that are meant for the smart phones and one example is the spy application which is used for catching a cheating person and many such applications.
  • The reviews are read by several people and have a huge followersand also readers so that they can comfortably understandthe specifications and decide whether to buy the product or not.
  • They have opinions on the deals that various stores offer at times or regularly such as the black Friday where peoplethrong to the stores to buy the best equipment possible.
  • Reading the reviews from the reviewerswill be an eye opener for those who want invest in good and best functioning products on com

Quality smartphones under best Price

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Searching for a smartphone in this gradually raising market race? It can possibly give you a tremendous headache with the variety of great launches available in the market each year. Ranging from market brands like Realme and poco. Every smartphone company has to offer a variety of overwhelming features. They always have something advanced and distinct for their users. Pretty much every can proved you the best deal with the best phone under 20000. These multitasker smartphones can easily fulfil your gaming habits along with fantastic cameras quality and incredible designs.

In the given article the review station will take a short trip on these latest under Rs.20,000 terrific android phones that has something for everyone in this budget.

Poco F1

Poco is the first ever sub-brand launched by Xiaomi. The phone feels very fast and smooth due to it’s powered Snapdragon 845 SoC make it one of the tops chooses for customers in this range. It also provided a great battery backup by the 4000mAh capacity that gives the durability of two days for average users. The 20-megapixel front camera makes it suitable for the day-light photos, videos and selfies.  Xiaomi Poco F1 comes in a variety of colours like graphite black, 6GB RAM, 64GB costing at Rs.19,000 and also a steel blue coloured model costing Rs.19,999.

best phone under 20000

Pros: What does this smartphone give you?

  • Excellent product in this range with the variety of colours offered
  • Good battery backup life
  • Sturdy body designs

Cons: What this phone lacks in?

  • The phone struggles with low-light and the edges in the photos taken in poor lighting aren’t well defined
  • advertisements in every phone is an issue on the Poco F1 as well
  • Lacks in 4K video supportability.

Realme 3 Pro

The Realme 3 Pro is a fabulous midrange budget smartphone. This gives a great 6.3- inch notch LCD display with a 90.8% screen to its body ratio. It comes with a Gorilla Glass 5 on the back. You can click as many as selfies with the 16MP flagship camera sensor, having a big battery and VOOC fast charging features. Realme 3 Pro comes in a lot of variations from a 6GB-64GB to a 6GB-128GB costing you 15999 to 16999.

Pros: What does this smartphone give you?

  • A fast charging battery accompanied by a more exciting feature of VOOC fast charging.
  • The rear dual camera of 16MP F1.7 IMX519 primary shooter from sony merged with a 5MP F2 depth shooter
  • Snapdragon 710 with an octa-core processor
  • Realme 3 Pro has a massive 4045 mAh battery that can easily back for a long one day.

Cons: What this phone lacks in?

  • The use of a micro USB port instead of a Type C one would have been a better deal.

In our review, the phones don’t show any signs of a lag or stutter giving a great and reasonable deal in this range.

Author’s Bio

Michelle has peculiar tastes in writing especially when it comes to her posts in review station; she just loves reviewing gadgets in-depth details.  Technology is her strongest suite aside from being a fan of fashion and lifestyle networks. Her blog is pretty straight forward but there’s a lot to learn from her posts!


Why OLED TV from Tata CLiQ is economically the best option

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Technology has evolved at a breakneck speed in the last couple of years. In terms of TVs, there has been a rising emphasis on smart functionality with things like HDR and ultra HD resolution becoming the order of the day. In the long and extensive list of TV jargons, OLED has also managed to make its space with its unique selling points of superb contrast and ultra-dark tones. When the first models of OLED TV from Samsung and LG hit the market in 2013, it offered a tempting glance into the enhanced picture quality and the slim designs that the technology has to offer.

The workings of OLED TVs

The word OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and it is a kind of display technology that allows reaching the dark black levels from the ultra-thin screens, and at the same time, makes the TVs more eco-friendly and efficient. In the OLED TVs, a carbon-based, organic film is positioned between two conductors. When the electrical current is passed through it, light is emitted. The process occurs for every pixel in the OLED display. With the OLED panel, the organic pixels become self-emissive, which means that they are able to generate their own light, and these can become pitch dark when these are turned off. There is an additional white pixel alongside the usual pixels, which allows the delivery of more accurate and varied colors.

The top reasons why you should opt for OLED TVs

The best oled tv offers several advantages over the LED lit LCD TVs. The first thing is the design. The OLED sets are thinner and lighter than the LCDs because they do not require separate backlighting. To offer just an example of how slim the best oled tv can be, LG showcased an OLED display in 2015 that was merely 0.97 mm in width. The more recent version of it is the wallpaper TV that measures only 2.57 mm.

The interest is garnered more by the picture quality on offer with the best oled tv in India. Each pixel can turn off individually and that allows the delivery of strong and absolute black contrast ratio. For the AV purists, this is nothing short of a holy grail. This depth and striking contrast has been seen time and again on the OLED TVs, with several amazing recent models coming up in the market.

Since the OLED pixels emit their own color and light, the viewing angles are also wide as compared to the LED backlit LCD TVs. The contrast and color can contain their intensity to about ninety degrees off-center. While the QLED sets from the top brands are really bright, the OLED panels are quickly catching up. From the OLED sets of LG, you can presently get a peak brightness of 1000 nits, whereas, it earlier stopped at 800 nits.

Availing the high quality OLED TVs at economical rates from Tata Cliq

One of the biggest factors that stop people from availing the OLED TVs that they wish for is the prices. The OLED TVs are known to be pricier than the other variants. However, with Tata Cliq by your side, you can leave all those worries aside. With amazing discounts from the best of brands, getting the OLED TV that you wanted for so long is no more only a dream. You can get twenty to forty-seven percent discounts on the choicest models of OLED TVs when you buy from Tata Cliq. So, what are you waiting for? Improve your TV viewing experience and bring home your new TV from Tata Cliq today.



Stay Calm Internationally, You’ve Got an Adaptable Device!!

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What is a Universal Power Supply?

The term universal implies that the power supply can be utilized across all the countries of the globe, thus the universal power supply would have to be designed in such a fashion that it regulates the required outpower format(wall charger voltage) irrespective of the local input format regarding power(voltage,ac frequency). You could hold it in your esteemed mind that the power supply is benefitted from to reduce the mains electricity that is at 240volts AC down to some level that is more useable, such as the 12 volts DC. Remember, there are two forms of power supply universally available, linear and switch mode. It should also be noted that the universal travel adapters do not convert electricity, they simply permit the dual voltage appliance or a converter from one country to be plugged into the wall outlet of another country. The power that is acquired from the wall outlet is a high voltage AC (Alternating Current). The kind of power your computers require is a low voltage DC (Direct Current). It should be kept in view that the computer parts, fed by the universal power adapter online,the electronic chips on the motherboard and the adapters, the electronics on the drives and the motors in the hard drive and the optical drive, need the DC to be operated.

There are power adapters that work in more than 150 countries inclusive of EU, AU, UK and else. The sleek and compact design of the adapter renders it appropriate for the purpose of travelling, the built in safety protective shutter doors keep away the foreign objects from entering and remove the probability of electric shocks. Let us now focus upon the varieties of universal power adapter on the offer in the Australian market:

  1. Universal travel UK to Australian power adapter
  2. 2* International competence adapter on-line, travel oriented adapter international UK, USA, EU to Australian power plug
  3. 20* Universal to AU AC power plug adapter travel
  4. 10W USB power adapter
  5. Universal travel adapter UK, USA, EU

To continue with the varieties of adapter:

  1. Extreme Q power adapter
  2. Mighty power adapter
  3. 20 PCS Universal AU AC power plug adapter travel3
  4. 2*UK/US/EU Universal to AU AUS Australian power
  5. New universal UK, USA, EU to AU AC power plug
  6. Universal power adapter international UK,USA, EU to Australian power
  7. Universal to AU AC power plug adapter travel 3 pin
  8. 2 PCS Universal UK/US/EU/AU to AU Australian
  9. 20* Universal travel adapter international UK
  10. 20* Australian universal UK, USA, EU to AU AC power
  11. 20* Universal travel adapter international
  12. 10* Global power adjunct online, travel oriented, international UK
  13. New Universal USA to AU AC power plug adapter
  14. White Universal UK/US/EU to AU Australian travel
  15. Universal to AU AC power plug adapter travel 2 pin
  16. 10/20 Universal to AU AC power plug adapter travel 3

You would come across the universal power adapter for your mobile device such as your laptop computer. It is referred to in connection with the IEEE group operating on global power supply standards meant to be beneficial to the power range of 10 to 130 W ( as an option: 240W) for the mobile devices. The standard defines a power adapter to the power devices that demand 10 to 30 W,the minimum lifetime of the adapter has been hoped to reduce the electronic waste. The common direct current power plug is envisaged to render your life comfortable through the elimination of the confusion with regard to what voltage and the current transformer you need to buy and then carry. This could facilitate your mobile devices, laptops, multiple consumer electronic devices such as the Ethernet switches/hubs and the wireless routers to benefit from the same power adapter throughout the world.

The universal power adapters available online proffer the subsequently mentioned advantages:

  1. Heat reduction.
  2. Electrical noise reduction.
  3. Reduction in weight and size.
  4. Facility in replacement.
  5. Versatility concerning configuration.
  6. Product inventory, distribution and certification certified.

You can anticipate production of constant voltage by a specific adapter type used for your computer and laptop, such adapters are known as the eliminators. It is expected that the present piece of information would lay the basis for your decision making for the procurement of the universal power adapter online.


Samsung Gear Icon X 2018 vs. Apple Airpods: Design or Performance?

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The smartphone has changed the mode of communication in the society to a large extent. There are endless features in various models offered by different makers these days. The communication in this age holds great significance, and hence it is much important for the user to have a smartphone with various accessories. The makers of the smartphones keep this part of the market in mind and offer a number of accessories that can be much useful to the users. They spend considerable time and ample amount behind the research of the features that need to be embedded in these accessories. However, due to a number of makers in the market, the accessory market is flooding with supplies, and hence it becomes tough for a buyer to choose a right product that can offer him optimum satisfaction as per his requirement.

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are loved by smartphone users across the globe. Leading electronics brands have come up with best in class earphones which have amazing features and awesome battery life. Apple announced airpods with the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus as both of these devices are not provided with headphone jacks. In response to Apple’s removal of headphone jack and launch of AirPods, Samsung launched their own version of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones which are called Samsung Gear Icon X. In this post, KillerFeatures experts compare both of these amazing earphones and provide a final verdict advising the reader which one of these is best to buy. Hence those who feel to go for some point where ready to use information is available this is the best option to check for.

Look and Performance

Both these earphones look amazingly beautiful, while Apple loves White Samsung has launched the Gear Icon X in black. The Apple AirPods are earbuds type, and the Gear Icon X is in-ear type earphones. The enclosure on AirPods is open back and on the Gear Icon X is closed back. In the comparison of Bass, Samsung wins the competition as the bass rating for Gear Icon X is 8.3 which is pretty much higher compared to AirPods which have a rating of 6.0. Noise Isolation of Gear Icon X stands at a whopping 7.1 which again is higher than Airpods which are rated at just 2.6, Samsung wins, again. For such a successful product the research team of this brand is much responsible. It offers the products in a way that can help the user to feel the value of each penny spent behind it worth to the product.


The comfort for everyday usage of an earphone is decided by using it in several ways including, gaming, office, sports, commute, critical listening, movie and mixed usage. In the sector of gaming, Apple takes the trophy because the rating is higher for AirPods as compared to Gear Icon X. Most wireless earphone users use earphones while exercising or while doing other fitness jobs. The users say that Gear Icon X earphones are way more comfortable while using it for fitness purpose. Users do not say the same for Apple. Clearly, Samsung wins in this domain again. Being the pioneer in the accessories is also a success on the part of this renowned brand, and it is yet coming with many more such products.


Both AirPods and Gear Icon X earphones are truly wireless and can operate in a flawless manner. The earphones are provided with dual mics on both earpieces one of those acts as a mic and the other one for noise cancellation. AirPods and Gear Icon X are both provided with dynamic transducers to provide the extraordinary performance to the users. The design rating for both these earphones is equal, 8.0 and 8.1 for AirPods and Gear Icon X respectively. The comfort fit of Gear Icon X is the result of its in-ear type style, but with regards to looks, AirPods takes over. Gear Icon X is provided with buds and comforters of three sizes namely small, medium and large. The usage rating for easiness is subpar for AirPods and Average for Gear Icon X. Both these earphones have music control facilities but users who have used both AirPods and Gear Icon X state that music control is much easy on Gear Icon X. The earphones do arrive with voice control, but Samsung again wins the competition because Gear Icon X follows the command very well.

The breathability figures show that AirPods have better breathability as compared to Gear Icon X. The sightability of AirPods is better than Gear Icon X even though they are white in colour. It should be noted that AirPods are smaller compared to Gear Icon X, but still, they are better visible as compared to the later one.

Both these earphones arrive with a case which is hard and has a built-in charge feature to charge the earphones every time you put them in. The hard case is battery efficient and helps you charge the earphones quickly. Samsung Gear Icon X arrives with a cable just as Apple AirPods but they also arrive with two OTG connectors.


Gear Icon X is the clear winner in this comparison because it gets 7.1 out of 10 which is again higher as compared to AirPods which score 6.3 out of 10. Samsung Gear Icon X gets an 8.3 in the bass aspect where again Apple scores mere 6.0.

Samsung Gear Icon X score low as compared to Apple AirPods in the THD aspect, 7.4 and 8.1 respectively. The microphone on Apple AirPods is better as compared to the ones on Samsung Gear Icon X.


Apple AirPods win when battery life is considered. Apple AirPods score 7.4 out of 10 which is better than Samsung Gear Icon X’s score of 6.8. The battery on the Apple Airpods gets recharged in just 30 minutes whereas Samsung Gear Icon X takes an hour to change. Apple AirPod last 20 minutes longer as compared to Samsung Gear Icon X.


Top Class Technology Gadgets For Use In 2018

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To complete the maximum tasks in minimum time, we have provided some top class technology gadgets of 2018.


Modern day gadgets come with several wonderful features that help in completing most of the daily tasks in lesser time. Our gadgets offer very simple user experience. Therefore, all the educated and uneducated persons can use gadgets and avail benefits.

The life of a modern-day individual is completely dependent on gadgets. Right from the morning till the night, he/she use gadgets for performing his/her daily life activities. The primary motive of manufacturing gadgets is to add more comfort and versatility.

Top 3 SP-Gadgets

  1. Remote Pole – The Remote Pole gadget can be used for telescopic handle filming i.e. users can observe distant/faraway places. The gadget features a particular dual-touch remote-grip system that helps in increasing convenience
  2. Bar Mount – The SP gadgets Bar mount can be mounted in diameters up to 33mm. This gadget is manufactured with the sturdy lightweight aluminum material.
  3. POV Tripod Grip – The POV tripod grip works well with all the HERO cameras. The grip handle is made from the rubber material, known for its reliability and durability.


Through the help of Bluetooth technology, you can share data/files between mobiles devices, tabs, etc. Bluetooth devices can send data/files to the mobile devices that are placed in the distance lesser than 100 meters.

The wireless Bluetooth technology has removed the requirement of hard/long wires for data transfer. Now, Bluetooth is compatible with laptops, cars, radios, bikes, watches, TVs and other smart devices.

No matter, there are several technologies that allow quick data transfer; Bluetooth will continue to be a decent data transfer technology in the future.

Sena 10S Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

The Sena 10S Bluetooth system allows comfortable communication of 4 motorcycle drivers. This device features a flat shallow design that increases the overall driving experience. Through this Bluetooth, users can talk up to 1.6 kilometers

The Sena Bluetooth system comes with High perform speakers that emit very high definition sound. Because of the advanced noise control system, there occurs no interference of noise sources.

Gadgets POV Light

Gadgets POV light are used for introducing the beam/glare in deep nights, harsh weathers and black environments. By using this light, you can take better quality shots in shorter periods

SP Gadgets POV Light

Whether you are inside the water or caught in poor weather, the SP Gadgets light can help you capture the best possible shots. The SP Gadgets POV light can definitely provide movable waterproof video light.

The SP Gadgets POV light operates at a temperature of (20 degrees to 40 degrees) . This gadget allows several lights to provide a maximum of 20 hours of work time.


For maintaining your pace with the world, it is important to use some gadgets. Gadgets such as Bluetooth, POV Lights, and bar mounts provide extra comfort in several life activities

Select the specific gadget and make your life more convenient. Find more motorcycle gadgets at


Google and its innovations

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Google is expanding its wings into almost everything possible and the new addition to its bandwagon of products is the HomePod powered by the voice activated assistant Siri on a digital platform. Google has made a great product which is one of the best speakers already. But much is being discussed about the limitations of the product due to Siri. We would all need some changes in the products that we use. But since HomePod is not yet used to its core, we can leave that aside for now and concentrate on the bigger discussion which is the limitations of Siri.

The Annoyance

When you speak to people about any faults or limitations it should be through the regular or dedicated users. It surprises us to see the long list of feedbacks that Siri has. You would need to look at a lot of changes that need to be done from a development perspective. Something similar happened with iPhone 6s screen replacement. It was a task to get this done from the service center. Apple then came up with a solution and the users were relieved about it.

The most annoying part about Siri is its cutesy jokes that it cracks when responding to your request. This might be a proud moment for Apple as it can help you get a little personal. But this may not be a good option for all. The intent should be to get down to business and not speak much about a topic which is not required. Also, many people do not like an assistant with an attitude. That is the least expected from an assistant. They would rather turn off the Digital assistant than hear something which is not needed. This can be bad news for Google.

Comparison with Similar Products

When you compare the voice assistant with Alexa there is a lot that needs to be changed. Especially if you are using the recipe from it. It has the perfect timer option that would tell you to do exactly what is needed. So, when you are moving pots or chopping vegetables or something else, it would tell you to take the food out of the stove as per the timer set. While Alexa also has a limitation to accept two commands together but it is great n this aspect. Siri is way away from what Alexa does and should have a learning curve for such features.

Voice Activation

Siri has a voice actvation phrase called as “Hey Siri” which can be difficult at times to remember. Just like Alexa has an option to be activated with Computer or Amazon or Echo apart from Alexa. This is also possible without an internet connection which is not the case with Siri. Why would you need an internet connection to let your digital assistant work for you? Same was the case with iPhone when it used to handle music feature with a voice recognition. It had no use if there was no internet connection. All these are very basic limitations that should not cause a problem to all.

Identify User

It has another issue with identifying its owner. The least expected is that you know whom to give the information. Anyone can come in and use Siri to take whatever data needed and that is intrusion. It should be a huge problem and using Siri can be risky in such a way. Siri has been bad in its competition and this is not good for the company too. Though the team is working on making it the best digital voice assistant but there is a long way for Siri to go.


What is a Vape Pen? How do they work?

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The news continues to fireworks, warning legitimate concerns about the safety of electronic cigarettes. Although thousands, if not millions, of moderators, will continue to use electronic cigarettes safely, it is wise to use certain safety practices to prevent the possible occurrence of an e-cigarette explosion, click here to learn more. Newcomers to the world of vaping should learn for themselves how to avoid any kind of mechanical damage, especially those that can cause an explosion.

First of all, we must point out that the incident of the e-cigarette fire, although regularly reported, is a very big event. In statistics, the amount of explosive e-cigarette is just a radar point. However, the respect of your device and the respect of certain simple methods are not only good for the security but also for your device itself.

Know your brand

Most vape mods involved in explosions come from small brands, mostly made in China. There are many emerging markets, as some of the most popular brands, is made with checks and balances under substandard manufacturing conditions.

The amount of overvaluation for a Trustmark; An e-cigarette device is actually an investment. Find your brand and read reviews to make the best decisions about a reputable brand.

Read the instructions

It sounds simple, but in turmoil, you’ll be surprised how many people get rid of the instructions they receive. A few minutes of reading can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations, as well as help you keep your device for its best use and longevity.

Keep away from water

The electronic cigarette is an electronic device, not a cigarette, and as a result, they can be easily damaged by water, causing malfunction or even sparks that could ignite a fire. Protect your device from wet and underwater conditions if you want it to stay safe and last a long time.

You should also think about cleaning your device between session fees. Check here to know about e-cigar. A simple sweep with a cotton swab to eliminate any condensation from the battery and atomizer before the project can prevent the device from being disconnected and extending the life of the battery and atomizer.

Use the right charger

Only the charger supplied with your cigarette is 100% compatible and you just need to use one. Most cases of e-cigarette firecrackers come from using the wrong charger with the wrong voltage for your e-cigarette. Do not play guessing games with this one, to be sure to stay in the original charger.

Do not leave the charge for a long period of time

Many people leave things at night or longer than necessary. Make sure you do not sell your device can be the key to preventing potential explosions. You should not leave your device unheated while the charge is too long, but you can remove the device when it receives a full charge. Overloading may result in overheating and possible malfunction of the unit.

In fact, e-cigarette fires are rare, but also regular fire and we always have fire drills, so there is nothing wrong with getting ready. While the media has a lot of cops on the emergence of e-cigs, the skills that will help you increase the security of your device, in general, will often increase. Most people have started vaping for a safer life.


What Are The Factors To Consider Before Buying A Metal Detector?

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If you are planning to buy a metal detector, you should not make your decision based on the recommendation of a person who is asking you to buy the detector he is using. Different tasks and areas require different metal sensors. Just because a metal sensor is working well for a person, it does not mean it will serve your purpose the way you expect it to be. Furthermore, advanced metal sensors are coming up on the market every year, and hence, you should consider buying the best one with the price budget in mind. The more money you spend, the more new features you will get to satisfy your requirements. Moreover, there are some models which are highly durable, and if you are going to use a metal sensor regularly, you have to go for them.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Metal Detector –

Different mental sensors have different specifications and different strengths that make them suitable for different criteria of usage.

Purpose – As different detectors come with different features, they are tailor made for fulfilling one or multiple purposes. A metal sensor is used for security checking, finding lost metal pieces, detecting antiquities and treasures like gold coins and other metallic objects, detecting metal in food in food processing industry and for determining the metallic composition of a soil sample.

Based on your purpose of usage, you have to buy a detector that will fulfill your requirements comfortably. These days most of the detectors come with multiple operation modes so that they can be used for multiple purposes. But most of them are specialized for performing one purpose efficiently instead of all the modes that the manufacturers mention. Therefore, you have to choose accordingly.

Budget – One of the foremost factors to consider is your budget because based on your budget you can go for detectors that are specialized to perform the tasks that you require the most. Most of the multipurpose detectors are costly and hence, you may have to ditch them due to lack of budget. Therefore, you should consider your budget first and shortlist the detectors that you can afford.

Area of Use – Generally, most people do not consider this a factor, but this is where you can become a smart buyer. Most of the metal detector works well on land, but some crumble when put in wetland or water bodies. So, you need to specify the location of use to the seller like on the beach, coast, land or small water bodies where you would be using it to buy the most effective one.

Frequency Of Use- How often will you use your instrument can help you to choose a better detector. If you use it regularly, you have to buy the one with strong built. For occasional use, you can go for any model.

Miscellaneous Factors – Other than the above factors, there are some other vital factors to consider as well. If you are going to carry the detector, you should be buying a flexible detector. Similarly, there are some detectors that have greater swinging speed due to lightweight while others weigh heavy but have strong build for durability. So based on your body strength, you need to buy them out.