Samsung Gear Icon X 2018 vs. Apple Airpods: Design or Performance?

The smartphone has changed the mode of communication in the society to a large extent. There are endless features in various models offered by different makers these days. The communication in this age holds great significance, and hence it is much important for the user to have a smartphone with various accessories. The makers of the smartphones keep this part of the market in mind and offer a number of accessories that can be much useful to the users. They spend considerable time and ample amount behind the research of the features that need to be embedded in these accessories. However, due to a number of makers in the market, the accessory market is flooding with supplies, and hence it becomes tough for a buyer to choose a right product that can offer him optimum satisfaction as per his requirement.

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are loved by smartphone users across the globe. Leading electronics brands have come up with best in class earphones which have amazing features and awesome battery life. Apple announced airpods with the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus as both of these devices are not provided with headphone jacks. In response to Apple’s removal of headphone jack and launch of AirPods, Samsung launched their own version of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones which are called Samsung Gear Icon X. In this post, KillerFeatures experts compare both of these amazing earphones and provide a final verdict advising the reader which one of these is best to buy. Hence those who feel to go for some point where ready to use information is available this is the best option to check for.

Look and Performance

Both these earphones look amazingly beautiful, while Apple loves White Samsung has launched the Gear Icon X in black. The Apple AirPods are earbuds type, and the Gear Icon X is in-ear type earphones. The enclosure on AirPods is open back and on the Gear Icon X is closed back. In the comparison of Bass, Samsung wins the competition as the bass rating for Gear Icon X is 8.3 which is pretty much higher compared to AirPods which have a rating of 6.0. Noise Isolation of Gear Icon X stands at a whopping 7.1 which again is higher than Airpods which are rated at just 2.6, Samsung wins, again. For such a successful product the research team of this brand is much responsible. It offers the products in a way that can help the user to feel the value of each penny spent behind it worth to the product.


The comfort for everyday usage of an earphone is decided by using it in several ways including, gaming, office, sports, commute, critical listening, movie and mixed usage. In the sector of gaming, Apple takes the trophy because the rating is higher for AirPods as compared to Gear Icon X. Most wireless earphone users use earphones while exercising or while doing other fitness jobs. The users say that Gear Icon X earphones are way more comfortable while using it for fitness purpose. Users do not say the same for Apple. Clearly, Samsung wins in this domain again. Being the pioneer in the accessories is also a success on the part of this renowned brand, and it is yet coming with many more such products.


Both AirPods and Gear Icon X earphones are truly wireless and can operate in a flawless manner. The earphones are provided with dual mics on both earpieces one of those acts as a mic and the other one for noise cancellation. AirPods and Gear Icon X are both provided with dynamic transducers to provide the extraordinary performance to the users. The design rating for both these earphones is equal, 8.0 and 8.1 for AirPods and Gear Icon X respectively. The comfort fit of Gear Icon X is the result of its in-ear type style, but with regards to looks, AirPods takes over. Gear Icon X is provided with buds and comforters of three sizes namely small, medium and large. The usage rating for easiness is subpar for AirPods and Average for Gear Icon X. Both these earphones have music control facilities but users who have used both AirPods and Gear Icon X state that music control is much easy on Gear Icon X. The earphones do arrive with voice control, but Samsung again wins the competition because Gear Icon X follows the command very well.

The breathability figures show that AirPods have better breathability as compared to Gear Icon X. The sightability of AirPods is better than Gear Icon X even though they are white in colour. It should be noted that AirPods are smaller compared to Gear Icon X, but still, they are better visible as compared to the later one.

Both these earphones arrive with a case which is hard and has a built-in charge feature to charge the earphones every time you put them in. The hard case is battery efficient and helps you charge the earphones quickly. Samsung Gear Icon X arrives with a cable just as Apple AirPods but they also arrive with two OTG connectors.


Gear Icon X is the clear winner in this comparison because it gets 7.1 out of 10 which is again higher as compared to AirPods which score 6.3 out of 10. Samsung Gear Icon X gets an 8.3 in the bass aspect where again Apple scores mere 6.0.

Samsung Gear Icon X score low as compared to Apple AirPods in the THD aspect, 7.4 and 8.1 respectively. The microphone on Apple AirPods is better as compared to the ones on Samsung Gear Icon X.


Apple AirPods win when battery life is considered. Apple AirPods score 7.4 out of 10 which is better than Samsung Gear Icon X’s score of 6.8. The battery on the Apple Airpods gets recharged in just 30 minutes whereas Samsung Gear Icon X takes an hour to change. Apple AirPod last 20 minutes longer as compared to Samsung Gear Icon X.