Online Collaboration Software: Huddle v Glass cubes

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Collaboration software can benefit your business whether you need to streamline your latest project or reduce your carbon footprint. Online collaboration is the difference between not finding Deborah’s notes on next week’s meeting, and working effectively with a client who might be hundreds of miles, and many time zones away.

From cloud-based storage to project management software, online collaboration has grown into a hugely competitive market. SaaS (Software as a Service) providers offer compelling solutions to meet high-tech, business demands. With so many providers offering effective collaboration tools, which ones are best for your business? Let’s compare two strong project management platforms; Huddle and Glasscubes.


  • Features:securely encrypted workspaces keep your projects safe from falling into the wrong hands. Manage tasks and control document versions across all teams, to ensure all collaborators are on the same page. Keep track of tasks across all your devices. Keep track of important project milestones on one intelligent dashboard. Be in control of

who’s accessing and editing your content

  • Usability:easy to use, flexible, optional conferencing abilities
  • Support:Huddle has paired up with Zendesk to answer questions over the cloud anytime. Webinars are also available for easy team training.
  • Contract and costs:Various packages are available depending on your needs. The Enterprises package costs £30 per user per month. There are also complete packages available for accounting services and the public sector.



  • Features:unlimited workspaces in order to manage more projects at once. Unlimited upload size. Instant chat for real-time collaboration. Tools to mange your task dependencies, like critical path analysis and Gantt charts to ensure projects are completed within their deadline. Assign tasks to individuals or groups in a way that is easily viewable by all members of the team to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Usability:Feature-rich software is easy to use, easy communication tools keep project developments accessible to all.
  • Support:Whereas only Huddle’s highest paying customers receive phone support, any of Glasscubes customers can call when they have a question or concern. An online chat facility is also available.
  • Contract and costs:In another area of contrast with huddle, Glasscubes doesn’t require a full, immediate package subscription. Users can be added as and when projects grow. And if a project is cut short, you can cancel your subscription just as easily as you can apply, there’s no annual contract.

Both of these collaboration software solutions offer terrific services. If you’re looking to manage a large, complex organisation, Huddle is the right choice. Smaller businesses whose budget and IT department are resourced more carefully will do better choosing Glasscubes for its flexible pricing and ease-of-use simplicity.

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