AccessiBe – A Complete Solution for Web Accessibility and Compliance

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Many companies often overlook the creation of business websites. However, this subject has gained a lot of prominence in recent years because of the surge in ADA-related lawsuits. Now, the question is, if businesses are aware of the importance of web accessibility, why are they lagging behind when it comes to compliance?

The sole reason for the above is that making a site accessible is not a simple task. Traditionally, it is expensive, and most business websites are not created with the goal of accessibility in mind. The market has experienced a vast evolution, and businesses are now searching for a quick and affordable solution when it comes to arresting accessibility gaps in their sites.

AccessiBe steps in as the perfect solution

AccessiBe is an affordable, quick, and AI-based tool that offers the perfect solution to businesses when it comes to the subject of web accessibility. It is automated and easy for businesses to install. Even small businesses find this solution to be quick and affordable as many pricing plans are available to them. One can choose a plan that starts at just $49 per month.

Unique applications of this tool

This innovative tool has two unique applications that come in handy when it comes to the subject of website accessibility. Businesses can get a very high level of accessibility and compliance thanks to-

  1. Its foreground application- Businesses enjoy the benefits of an interactive menu that helps users customize and change the web design elements to make the site accessible as per their preferences.
  2. Background framework- This is a complex field where the code that operates in the background functions on website optimization with tools like the navigation keyboard, the screen reader, and more.

Web Accessibility and Compliance

Check whether your site is ADA or WCAG compliant or not

Thanks to the website auditing feature of this innovative tool, you can check whether your site is ADA or WCAG compliant or not. You just need to use aCe that is free by entering the website address to find out in seconds whether your site is ADA compliant or not.

In case you overlook the subject of compliance and website accessibility, your business will invite lawsuits and hefty fines that will cost your business dear. No matter how large or small a company you might be, it is prudent to ensure your site is compliant 24/7.

This unique tool will scan the site every 24 hours, and in case you upload fresh content, it will scan every line of that content and furnish you with a report in 48 hours with an accessibility statement and compliance certificate.

WordPress sites

You can also use it for WordPress sites by installing the AccessiBe plugin. However, even if you do not have a WordPress site, you can still enjoy its benefits. Here, you can copy the code of JavaScript and paste it into the body tag of your site to allow AI to start working.

In fact, even if you are using a different solution or CMS, you will find that this unique tool has the right solution for them as well.

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