Identity Guard Review By Consumer Reports

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According to Consumer Reports, identity theft is not as much a concern as people make it out to be. On the Identity Guard review by Consumer Reports that mostly seemed to target identity theft protection services as a whole, these services are taken to be unnecessary to the public. However, the truth cannot be any farther than that.

For starters, identity theft is a really huge and core concern for any individual. It is usually very destructive to a person and has actually been associated with a high number of suicides. The thing that happens in the event of identity theft is that an individual’s life is shattered into pieces. You get torn from your comfort zones and thrown into massive whirlpools of confusion, doubt, trauma and eventually, depression. Is that not a huge concern? That is not to mention the fact that your thief may have committed a number of crimes in your name. Therefore, besides taking away your financial security, identity theft could also compromise your freedom.


The best way to avoid this would be to hire the services of an identity protection service. A bodyguard could work too but even he/she cannot guarantee the full safety of your identity. According to Consumer Reports however, no individual requires an identity protection service. In fact, by Consumer Reports’ account, such a service is just an extra expense for nothing. It is Consumer Reports’ belief that by employing certain do it yourself measures, a service such as Identity Guard becomes an absolute irrelevance.

But even you cannot guarantee that you will watch over all your vulnerabilities. How would you know for instance, if someone was logging your keystrokes? How would you know if the identity of your child was at risk? Services such as Identity Guard and LifeLock are not so much an expense as they are a necessity. To ensure round the clock identity protection, you totally require the services of a service such as Identity Guard.

Verdict and conclusion

A lot of people fail to agree with the assertion made by Consumer Reports. However, they were right on one thing and that is, the responsibility to protect your identity is solely your own. You therefore have to decide on the best way to do that. If do it yourself methods seem like the best bet for you, then do it by all means. However, if you require more guaranteed, assured and round the clock protection, you should consider getting a protection service.

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