Why OLED TV from Tata CLiQ is economically the best option

Technology has evolved at a breakneck speed in the last couple of years. In terms of TVs, there has been a rising emphasis on smart functionality with things like HDR and ultra HD resolution becoming the order of the day. In the long and extensive list of TV jargons, OLED has also managed to make its space with its unique selling points of superb contrast and ultra-dark tones. When the first models of OLED TV from Samsung and LG hit the market in 2013, it offered a tempting glance into the enhanced picture quality and the slim designs that the technology has to offer.

The workings of OLED TVs

The word OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and it is a kind of display technology that allows reaching the dark black levels from the ultra-thin screens, and at the same time, makes the TVs more eco-friendly and efficient. In the OLED TVs, a carbon-based, organic film is positioned between two conductors. When the electrical current is passed through it, light is emitted. The process occurs for every pixel in the OLED display. With the OLED panel, the organic pixels become self-emissive, which means that they are able to generate their own light, and these can become pitch dark when these are turned off. There is an additional white pixel alongside the usual pixels, which allows the delivery of more accurate and varied colors.

The top reasons why you should opt for OLED TVs

The best oled tv offers several advantages over the LED lit LCD TVs. The first thing is the design. The OLED sets are thinner and lighter than the LCDs because they do not require separate backlighting. To offer just an example of how slim the best oled tv can be, LG showcased an OLED display in 2015 that was merely 0.97 mm in width. The more recent version of it is the wallpaper TV that measures only 2.57 mm.

The interest is garnered more by the picture quality on offer with the best oled tv in India. Each pixel can turn off individually and that allows the delivery of strong and absolute black contrast ratio. For the AV purists, this is nothing short of a holy grail. This depth and striking contrast has been seen time and again on the OLED TVs, with several amazing recent models coming up in the market.

Since the OLED pixels emit their own color and light, the viewing angles are also wide as compared to the LED backlit LCD TVs. The contrast and color can contain their intensity to about ninety degrees off-center. While the QLED sets from the top brands are really bright, the OLED panels are quickly catching up. From the OLED sets of LG, you can presently get a peak brightness of 1000 nits, whereas, it earlier stopped at 800 nits.

Availing the high quality OLED TVs at economical rates from Tata Cliq

One of the biggest factors that stop people from availing the OLED TVs that they wish for is the prices. The OLED TVs are known to be pricier than the other variants. However, with Tata Cliq by your side, you can leave all those worries aside. With amazing discounts from the best of brands, getting the OLED TV that you wanted for so long is no more only a dream. You can get twenty to forty-seven percent discounts on the choicest models of OLED TVs when you buy from Tata Cliq. So, what are you waiting for? Improve your TV viewing experience and bring home your new TV from Tata Cliq today.