Breaking Down The Benefits Of 3D Secure

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For a very long time, what stopped most people from making online transactions had been the question of security. However, there’s a new kind of security that protects online debit card and credit card transactions from theft. This is what we refer to as 3D Secure. 3D Secure means 3 Domain servers. It is called so because there is an involvement of three parties in order to complete the process of 3D secure process. These three parties are-

  1. The company that sells the product
  2. The acquiring bank of the company
  3. The person who buys the product and is the issuer of the credit or debit card that is being used to make the purchase.

Ever since online shopping has become a growing and popular trend, secure online transaction has become really important. People would obviously demand a hundred percent security so that there is no fraud. 3D Secure is a scheme that works for payment gateways, like SecurionPay. Every time you shop online and make a transaction, you use a secure password that you create for extra protection. If you wonder what exactly the benefits of 3D Secure are, they are as given below.


Reduced risk of fraud

Whether it is fraudulent transactions or disputed transactions, 3D Secure significantly reduces any of such risks. While the entire process of reaching the final payment step would seem time taking and a little complex, the kind of security that it provides is unquestionable. So, the extra mile that you cover to make payment makes sense.

Shift in liability

As a person who makes online transactions, the most disappointing part would be to fall prey to a fraudulent online transaction and still being liable for that. This would make people lose trust and interest in online shopping. However, the companies that make use of 3D Secure offer a shift in liability once the transaction has been made and has been successfully verified. The kind of protection that you want on every transaction is offered by the card issuer, which takes off the burden from the head of the card holder. Getting the confirmation with respect to the terms and conditions of shift in liability becomes the responsibility of the vendor.

Not having to pay extra

Now, when we talk about extra costs being involved for 3D Secure, there can be two possibilities. Some of the payment gateways might charge you some extra amount of money while you transact. However, there still are many payment gateways that don’t ask for any extra charges. So, while you choose the payment gateway, make sure that you choose the one that does not ask for additional charges for 3D Secure. For more details, please visit the website

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