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YouTube is widely used to listen to songs, music, and watch videos. You can even convert any of the video files to audio. MP3 converter is a tool to convert any videos from youtube to mp3 without any registration. It mainly allows you to save video into high-quality audios and this service can work for tablets, computers, and mobile devices. It is used to convert unlimited videos at a faster speed. This application is used to convert the videos only up to the length of 1 hour. is one of the fast, free, and most convenient applications for converting video to mp3 audio. It does not require signup and it only needs YouTube URL to convert. This software will transfer the video to server then start extracting the MP3, and gives you a link to download the audio file. You can search YouTube from the box if the URL is not available. You can simply enter the URL and start converting the video to audio using this application within 15-20 sec of time.

Steps followed to convert

    • To convert the video, first open YouTube and copy the URL you need to convert. You can search the videos by typing the relevant keywords in the search box.
    • After selecting the URL, you run youtube to mp3 converter then paste the link in the dialogue box and select the audio format.
    • After pasting the file, you can give download and start converting it.
    • After entering the video, select the correct audio format and it takes an average of 15-20 seconds to convert a 5-minute video.


  • It mainly allows you to save unlimited videos.
  • It helps to find videos without opening your web browser.
  • It helps to convert and download videos in just a couple of clicks.
  • It is easy to save video from any device.

Benefits of converting

  • The highest quality of mp3 extensions can be stored in smaller storage sizes. So, it becomes easier to store a large number of these audios in a phone or any other device with low storage capacity.
  • This conversion helps to discard 90 percent of the data from the original recording without any significant drop in sound quality.
  • It helps to store files offline and for later purposes and in this way data can be saved.
  • You can compress the video on YouTube to mp3 to the desired size by using a variable compression ratio. If the compression is lesser then lower will be the deterioration in the quality of the audio. This mainly depends upon whether you prefer lesser storage or better sound quality.
  • This compression helps in removing the unnecessary information from the audio file that is out of the audible range of human hearing because this useless information takes up a lot of storage capacity for the data. It can be easily shared through the Internet or any other tangible medium like a USB and Optical Disk

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