Is it possible to run apk file on pc?

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As you know there are numerous applications that you can run on your mobile phones. You will be able to download as much of apps until you have space in your device. But when you are thinking to run those applications or any one of them on your personal computer, it is something uncertain, right? But with the advancements in technology, literally everything is possible.

This article can help you to open the apk files on your pc and what you need to know is about emulators. There are so many emulators on the internet that can be used to open any apk file on your computer. What an APK file is and why you need this to run an application is something you are thinking about now. An Android Package in short APK is a file and this type of file used to have .apk as its file extension.

It is used to distribute different applications on Android operating system. This apk file includes some of the contents like AndroidManifest.xml, classes.dex, and resources.arsc file, a META-INF, res folder and some other things. Opening an APK file in your mobile phone is as easy as a pie; you can do it simply by downloading it from play store and view it whenever you need.

open apk file

But when wish to open the same is your computer system, it is not a piece of cake. For that you need to have an emulator, which can help you to open and run all applications that you want to work on. As said already, you are able to numerous emulators that allow you to access the apk files on PC. There are even spam ones too and so it is recommended for you to do a little research before selecting an emulator to run an apk file.

With this emulator only, you will be able to open APK file and also view the contents of apk file on your computer. Opening a file is simple process and what you need to do is, open your browser and download a reliable emulator in your desktop computer. After downloading it, install the emulator and setup the program likewise you do it in your phone.

After completion of the setup, you need to open the apk file on your computer. For that, you need to go to the location where the file is existing. And then right clicking it, you can open it with the emulator that you are using to view the files. This is the end of the process and now you can enjoy any of the application by running it on your PC.

That’s it, you did what you have in your minds and you can try the same thing with different APKs.

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