Video Game Tester- A Hard Way, Not a Walk Away

Video Game Tester- A Hard Way, Not a Walk Away

The gaming companies seek for some unique aspects in each application submitted. Build a perfect resume which grabs the attention of the company. After you craft a perfect resume, the next step is to choose a testing facility; it could be a local one or at the headquarter of a famous gaming company. You need to have the right approach to get hired. If you ask for the job at the help desk of the company you will go nowhere. Contact the chief of quality assurance department and submit your resume. He is the person responsible for hiring video game testers. Work like a professional from the first day, when you join the desk.

Video Game Tester- A Hard Way, Not a Walk Away

Hard Way

Remember, not allGame tester jobs are fixed salary basis. Those companies hire on a temporary basis through agencies, or even as part-time video game testers. This means you will be hired on a contractual basis rather than an employee with salary and other perks. Sometimes the pay is very low just above the minimum wage, but this gives you ample opportunity to gather knowledge if you want to inch up in this profession.

Many video game testers are paid on an hourly basis than salaried. This implies you will get paid extra for any hours exceeding 40 hours per week. Many gaming companies are reluctant to pay overtime for financial constraints. At the early stage of your career, you may have to push harder on regular hours to keep your job safe. Testing out videogames might just be your passion, which keeps you moving in spite of low remuneration.

Salaried or full-time employees enjoy perks like health insurance and dearness allowance. But when you are hired on a temporary basis, you not entitled to these facilities. You have to pay your own health insurance fee. If you are still pursuing study, then this part job helps you to hone your skill and knowledge and earn some extra bucks. After completing your degree, this experience will give you the extra edge over others while applying for a permanent job as a video game tester.


As a video game tester, you will be first to interact with these brand new video games. Though it is not your pastime, job you get first-hand experience while have to wait maybe years to have it. Many people use this job as a stepping stone in the gaming industry. Initially, the designation is low; the pay scale is meager but can pave the way to higher posts of game design and development.