Hiring Freelance SEO; Advantages, 5 Things You Must Take Care

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I have built a great site. The theme is one of the finest among all. Yet, neither my site appears atop on the search pages nor do I get sufficient business. This is a common complaint many of the business people make in their initial periods. We accept that in the initial periods, it is hard that your site gets good visibility on search engine pages. If your site does not appear at the top of result pages on any search engine, then treat it as a sign that your site is not search engine-friendly.

SEO or search engine optimisation is an ongoing process for any websites to show up on top of the search results page. It helps your site rank higher on search result pages. However, it remains unaffordable to many due to its higher cost. Maintaining a team of SEO specialists will cost you lakhs of rupees per month. What is the best option then?

Hiring Freelance SEO?

Freelance SEO remains the best option for those looking for doing search engine optimization at lower costs. There are hundreds of online marketing Freelancer available for hire. However, one needs to be very cautious as there are also fake specialists. You will only know them once you are tricked and the money is lost.

Here are a few things which you must take care while choosing a freelance specialist.

Things to Care

  1. Check if the specialist has a website or is present on any social media platforms.
  2. Once you have found the website, check if the site has a contact address including email, phone number, and a proper street address, etc. on the site.
  3. Go through the clientele list. Also, check and ensure the list is genuine.
  4. Try contacting some of their past consumers to confirm they got the right services. It is also advisable to have a cross check with more than one customer before taking a call.
  5. Once you have hired the SEO Freelancer, it remains key for you to analyze the results on regular intervals to find out the real impact on your site.

Normally, you may not see any growth in organic visits in the first couple of weeks but by the end of the month you are likely to get a result. Check on every week or at least on an alternative week and see how good your site is performing. This will help you get an overview of how good they are doing. Apart from it there are a lot which a business owner get from Google through Search Engine Marketing, hiring process of SEM freelancer is same. SEO experts create effective adwords ads and provide high ROI.

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