The Best E Liquid: Know When to Change the Coils

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An atomizer is defined as any device that creates mist out of liquid juices. More recently, it has become the jargon closely related to vaping. It sounds complicated, but it’s a heating coil designed from the piece of resistance wire that heats up to create vapor out of best e liquid flavors . These atomizers, (also referred to as vape coils), come in a variety of forms ranging from disposable coil heads to the do-it-yourself coil builds. Atomizers – the coils – are measured in ohms, based on the amount of resistance they have. The lower the ohms, the more power they will demand.

The term atomizer is used in a variety of ways, which can create some confusion. It could either refer the vape coil itself or the device containing it – including an RDA or ohm tank that are commonly used for vaping. Vape coils could be made out of various forms of wires such as titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and kanthal. Atomizers require a wicking instrument that feeds e-liquid to your vape coils. When you engage the vaporizer battery, the coil will heat up and turn the e-juice into warm, tasty vapors.

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When to Change Coils.

When exactly to change your coil heads isn’t quite as dry and cut because of the variations of atomizers and coils available. Different coil for respective tanks will have different life expectancies. Coil lifespan can also vary because of the differences in e-juices. The VG/PG ratio of your juice and the volume of sweeteners or flavorings utilized inside it will also play an important role. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to change your coil head when you notice the vapor production or flavor is taper off. This is also done if you start to notice a burning sensation and taste.

Vape Tank Maintenance.

While it might seem an intricate duty to maintain your tank properly, it’s actually quite easy and simple. First and foremost, you’ll want to keep it clean. At least once a month, clean your tank. Start by detaching the O-rings and coils. While detaching the O-rings, look for any signs of cracks or chips. If the O-rings are damaged, replace them! Clean your tank properly using warm water, mild dish soap, and isopropyl alcohol on both inside and outside. Make sure to pay attention to the threads. Be sure to wash your O-rings as well.

Wash it well, and then rinse it again to be sure there’s no residue or soap left behind. Once your tank is completely dry, you’re ready to reassemble it again. By keeping a clean coil in your tank and keeping the tank clean free of excess debris and juice, you should have a fun experience when utilizing it. But once in a while, people experience issues with their tanks.

Common Issues – Leaking Tanks.

The most common issue tank users are faced with is leaks. Leaky tanks can be a real pain in the ass but commonly, they’re relatively easy to resolve. 99% of the time tanks are leaking because it’s allowing air to enter. This breaks the vacuum that holds your e-liquids inside the tank. First, take the tank apart, checking all plastic or glass parts looking for any cracks. If you don’t see any, check the O-rings for signs of damages or cracks.

If any of the mentioned parts are damaged in any way, replace them as needed.

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