Making Pinterest An Inclusive Place For All

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We talk about equality, new policies and inventions, but applying it to our everyday life is a rare act.

Statement: Pinterest is accessible to all!

Million dollar question: Is it accessible for visually impaired individuals?

The answer is simple and straightforward! The developers are working incessantly to make it a vision-friendly platform for anyone, who is not able to view the world properly. The idea is to make it an inclusive place for all! Pinterest for visually impaired individuals

Even the visually impaired individuals have ideas, noble thoughts and wishes. Pinterest is becoming an inclusive place for all! There have been attempts to make the platform technology-friendly for visually challenged users.

 How are the developers making Pinterest an inclusive place for visually impaired users?

Let’s find out!

Why is there a NEED to make Pinterest accessible to all?

Section 508 says that a federal website needs to be safe and accessible for all the people. A private website may not follow this rule, but a popular website like Pinterest should be accessible to all. This will help in making the platform user-friendly and it will attract a larger audience.


Steps towards Making Pinterest Accessible to All

1. Changing the Font Size – By changing the font size, the visually impaired individuals can view the texts and it will not cause pain to the eyes. Larger font is not clear for visually challenged people and that’s precisely why Pinterest is going to use the right font size.

2. Changing the Color Contrast – Some colors can hurt the eyes! If a person has low vision, there needs to be softer colors in the background. By changing the color and making it beautiful for people with low vision can make a difference. Some users are sensitive to bright colors and it makes their eyes go weaker. Adjusting the contrast can be helpful in this case!

3. Usage of Focus Indicators – Focus indicators help in the process of navigation. One can use a device or the keyword to see clearly as to which part of the site is in focus.

There are a number of accessibility features that will help in making Pinterest an inclusive place for all! With the help of greyscale and scalable vector graphics, the user experience becomes better for people with low vision. Hence, the social media platform is truly embracing equality and including everyone in the journey.

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