How To Know Who is A Phone Number

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Today there is an unimaginable number of phones and landlines and, therefore, it is not strange that we get a call or a message, either SMS or WhatsApp, a number that we do not have registered and we do not know who it is. Many times we do not hear the call but others simply avoid responding to this or the message to avoid having a conversation with a stranger, either a telemarketer of a company or if it is someone you know with whom we do not want to maintain contact. Even so, sometimes we are waiting for an important call, for example after a job interview, and when we meet a number that we do not know we do not know if it can be what we are waiting for or to sell us something, so how to know from whom Is it a phone number.

Why not call to identify who is a mobile or landline number

When we receive a call or a message from an unknown mobile or fixed number many times the first impulse we have is to call to ask who is and what he wants. However, for years it has ceased to be a safe method, because there are many companies that use applications to make massive calls, as well as illegal organizations that want us to spend the money and get them, because when we return the call, it is made to a cloned number that sends the call abroad making it more expensive since we probably do not have the adapted rate.

It is best to answer as soon as we receive the call to speak at the moment and if we have not been able to attend then wait for that number to contact us again or use some of the best applications to block calls and messages.

So, if you ask yourself: “Whose mobile phone number is this? “, or if it’s a landline, do not call. It is better to use other more effective methods with which you will not have so many problems, like the ones that we tell you next.

How to know who owns a landline or mobile number with search engines

One of the best alternatives for being very simple, fast and safe is to make a simple search in one of the main Internet search engines , such as Google, Bing or Yahoo !, among others. Because today we fill out many forms when registering on websites and social networks our contact numbers, as well as our email, can be easily on the network publicly.

But, also, if the number belongs to a secure company that will appear after the search on your own website or in a registration profile. Obviously the number may not appear because it is not registered anywhere, but nothing is lost by trying.

Thus, once you know who is a mobile or landline number you can decide if you want to block the phone number, return the call or ignore it and wait for it to call again.

Identify to whom a mobile or landline number of a collect call belongs

If we receive a collect call with no number in sight and we want to know who it is, we will have to answer the call and, in case nobody responds or it is a tape or recording, it must be kept long enough to be registered and get charged; if it is a recording, it is usually necessary to wait until it is finished. In this way, the telephone company will have the registration and the bill will arrive, so we can ask the company for an extract of the telephone numbers for that month.

When we obtain the telephone number from which the collect call came, we will only have to look for it on the Internet, for example, using the aforementioned search engines or using specific websites to do so.

When to go to the police for receiving calls from unknown phones

If we receive calls and very recurrent messages of numbers that we do not know or do not exist, because having answered or returned the call at some point a message has been communicated or the call has been hung, it is time to inform the police. Of course, if these messages or calls contain threats, it is also necessary to go to the police, since in both cases our rights are being violated. When reporting this number to the police, a file will be opened in which there will be access to telephone records and they will be able to detect who it is and act accordingly.

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