How to track someone’s phone

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You don’t necessarily, need to be a specialist technician or hacker to track someone’s phone but, it is also possible for the ordinary people to do it with ease. There are of course several methods that you can use to track a phone. You have the option of choosing the free software that is available on the internet to perform simple tracking processes. We have listed some easy methods that can be your solution for how to track someone’s phone.

Google Latitude application

It is one of the easiest ways of tracking a cell phone. What makes it the first preferred choice is that it is available for free. It helps to keep a track of the contacts by locating the cell phones and then displaying their location on the Google map. Although available for free, it is important that you have to download the application on your phone and make sure you have installed it, whether it is on your computer or the mobile phone. However, an important aspect of this is also ensuring that the person is willing to be tracked by you or by anyone. But, it does make tracing easier, as it does not need you to have your GPS turned on, instead you just need to have the app an install it and start tracking people.

Google Find My Device

Find My Device definitely should be your first choice of tracking method, as this makes it phone tracking as easy as a click of mouse. Every mobile that you come across today, has Find My Device feature preinstalled in it, which automatically helps you to track your phones location. It is important to allow the option of finding your device by going through the phone settings itself. The android device allows you to locate the phone that is logged on to the Google account. You are able to reset the screen lock pin, erase the data from your phone, you have the option to set on an alarm and you can lock the phone too.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, you also have the option of using the GPS enabled phones that allow installation of tracker software. Such software allows the user to track the phone without leaking any information or letting the user know that it is being tracked. Internet provides you with a lot of free software that offer the mobile tracing options and where there are apps that only provide a simple tracking option, there are others that provide you with multiple tracking options too. You can also find apps that are even used by parents and employers to keep a track of their kids and employees respectively. These apps are also found to be very useful even when you have lost your phone or it gets stolen. Such mobile tracking software makes it easier for you to track down your cell phone.

One of the easiest ways of tracking a mobile phone is by looking for freely available third party apps available on the internet. These apps can easily be installed on the phone and you can track your phone with the use of the software without being detectable.

If you find all the above mentioned methods difficult to follow, you can simply look for a private investigator and you can have a professional to do the tracking job for you. This is a legal alternative for you, if you are not able to do it on your own.

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