Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Software

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Have you ever wished to just see your partner’s call logs or web activities without them knowing? Or if you’re a parent, you may want to keep track of your children’s day to day online activities.

You can find a bunch of software that is available when you browse for the best cell phone spyware online.

However, selecting the right one from a list of many can be tasking and time-consuming. You need to make a calculated decision depending on your basic needs.


It’s an effective monitoring tool which comes with really good features. mSpy is one of the easiest and simplest spyware to use. It allows you to supervise an iPad and iPhone without having to escape the device.

Here are the basic features of mSpy which include activities, such as to track GPS location, text messages, or monitor instant messages. It also has some unique features which are following:

Key logging feature: This feature allows you see all the keystrokes that are entered into a monitored cell phone. It allows seeing the instant messages they are typing in messenger apps, such as WhatsApp and Skype.

Blocking apps and websites: It’s also used as parental control software for smartphones. It allows you to block destructive websites, like pornographic or sexual, social networking and gambling sites. You can also have the control on games and apps they are playing and running.

Unlimited device change: Initially mSpy license is active on a single device, but if you want you can deactivate the license and then activate the license on your new cell phone.

Highster Mobile

If you want the best value for your money then pick the Highster Mobile Pro Edition. It’s crowded with all the best features that can help you monitoring a cell phone.

Social media monitoring: The app helps you to monitor social networking, such as Facebook, Skype, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

Real-time GPS tracking: With the GPS-tracking technology, you can know where is the monitored device. Location can be displayed without the control panel on the map.

Call monitoring: It allows you to monitor outgoing and incoming phone calls, phone number of the person calling, date and time of the calls, and also the complete log of the phone.

It’s one of the best cell phone spyware you can find online. It has been the business since 2005 and providing advanced features on a wide range of mobile platforms, such as iPad, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, iPhone, and Android.

You will require to first root the targeted device in order to install the application. Once it’s done successfully, you can install the app to start recording activities. The following features make it stand out from the bunch.

Call intercept:It lets you listen to all phone calls instantly.

Record phone calls: It also allows you to record phone calls made from or to the targeted device. Later, you can find all the recording to your FlexiSPY control panel.

Spy on passwords: This is the unique feature of FlexiSPY that allows you to see all passwords entered on the phone for social messaging, applications, and emails.

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