How to grow and Sell Instagram Accounts

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If you keep yourself updated on what’s going on in the social media world, you would probably know that you can buy or sell Instagram accounts. Instagram is not just a social media platform for people to share their photos and videos; it is much more than that. People take internet in growing and selling Instagram accounts because there are brands and businesses who would buy them for social media marketing purpose. If you want to grow and sell accounts, here are some things you need to know about the growing and price determination of these accounts.

To sell Instagram accounts, you first need to have Instagram accounts with a good number of followers. How do you get followers for an Instagram account which you’re growing for the sake of selling it? There are a lot of ways by which you can grow Instagram accounts; creating an account for shout-outs is one of the best ways to grow an Instagram account. It doesn’t even require you to prepare your own posts because all you’re going to do in shout-out accounts is re-posting posts by other Instagram users. You can have a shout-out page dedicated for Instagram models, people who sing well, best Musically videos, best Dubsmash videos, best dance videos, best photographs, or for best write-ups on Instagram.

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Another way to grow Instagram accounts is by creating accounts that focus on a particular target audience. For example, fan pages of a particular actor, movie, series, politician, sportsperson, or even pets. You can also create accounts that re-post or post tutorials related to make-up, crafts, yoga, meditation, and exercise. Get followers by regularly posting on these accounts. You need to make sure that your posts and descriptions are interesting enough to catch the attention of Instagram users. If it goes viral, then consider it as a bonus because a single post that goes viral can get you thousands of followers.

When you target a particular audience, it’s not necessary that you target them based on niche. Targeting followers based on niches like entertainment, fitness, health, and beauty can be done and you can sell the accounts based on niche to different brands as well. However, there’s another way of growing Instagram accounts; on the basis of location. Location can be a very important factor when it comes to small scale-brands and businesses. If you have an account that focuses on food and restaurants in your city, a brand that wants to target the audience in your city will show interest in buying the account.

You can decide the price of an account based on the number of followers, the quality of followers (how active are they), the number of likes and comments, and the niche. You can either sell your accounts directly to a client or you can sell it to dealers who handle buying and selling of Instagram accounts.

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