Best platforms for website development purpose

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A website is the online representation of your business. People spend a lot of time on the internet searching for new and unique business that are suitable to their needs. The onset of digital era marked the need of creating an online presence for your business. This means it is vital for your website to be impressive with a user-friendly interface. The layout should be impressive and easy to understand.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the trending platforms on which you can build your website.


WordPress has garnered a lot of interest from the web-designing community due to its easy operation environment. The users do not need to know any coding as this platform offers user-friendly tools to manage the website without any problem. Since its release in the year 2003, WordPress has been the first choice for a lot of Website Development Company in Mumbai. This platform offers SEO tools that help you rank higher in the search engines.


If versatility and a dynamic website is what you desire, then PHP provides you one of the best platforms for your website to be built upon. Website Development Company in Mumbai that uses this platform helps you implement a wide variety of functions and benefits like any other paid language platform. PHP requires you to have a good knowledge of programming languages. Web Development Company in Mumbai helps you develop a durable and flexible website that helps you handle large traffic without crashing.


Joomla has been a favorite among the website developers who favor a good content management system. Many website Development Company in Mumbai use this powerful tool to obtain a website with numerous functions as well as something that enables running bulky web applications. Joomla is a product of PHP and MYSQL and both are open-source platform, which makes Joomla an open one too. Joomla provides good security as well as a wide scale for design experimentation.


Web design company often use Magneto as a tool that is loaded with development tools which helps obtain unique and versatile e-commerce platforms. Magneto comes with tools that allow you to customize your website without much hassle. This platform offers numerous extensions that are loaded with features. It offers a highly active user based forum which is recently garnering interest from talented web developers.


ASP.NET is better known as Active Server Pages which holds a huge library that houses numerous basic functions and appropriate database intercommunication. Although it isn’t free, this platform is one of the favorite for web Development Company that requires a platform that is used everywhere and is loved by most of the engineers who have the knowledge of building application with this platform.


JSP is also known as Java Server Pages. This technology helps software developers in creating web pages that are based on documents like HTML, XML or any other. JSP is pretty similar to ASP and PHP in its function apart from the fact that this platform uses Java as a programming language. With JSP, developers can combine static templates with any dynamic content.


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