Three Signs You Should Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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 Its day 50 of the digital marketing campaign.

Every part of the campaign has been optimized to work according to the strategy laid out prior to the campaign.

The strategy, based upon all necessary and suggested factors, has been followed to the letter.

There is only one problem.

The results are terrible.

A majority of digital marketing campaigns run aground. This is the uncomfortable reality of every field, including digital marketing. Some find success, and many others fail.

The best thing a new digital marketer can do is to study the success and failure of different digital marketing campaigns. Learning and absorbing knowledge is an important part of reducing the chances of failure. There is no point ‘winging it’. Hard work and deep analysis is the only way to know the signs of a failing digital marketing strategy.

Perhaps the biggest reason most campaigns fail is their ill-advised adherence to a pre-determined strategy. Many campaigns create a strategy that lacks the practical emphasis needed to succeed. Furthermore, the strategy made is not flexible enough to adapt quickly based upon audience feedback.

In this article, we discuss three signs your digital marketing strategy is probably not working.

Poor Engagement

The most obvious sign your digital marketing strategy is not working is if the content you are putting out is generating minimal engagement.

There can be times when a given piece of content may not generate engagement because of tactical factors. However, if low or decreasing engagement is the normal trend, it is time for your business to seriously consider its digital marketing strategy.

The problem of low engagement can arise for a number of reasons. These reasons have to be addressed and the only way of doing so is by making changes to the digital marketing strategy in place.

Mobile Activity is Down

 Digital marketing

Engaging customers on mobile is something every brand tries to do. A majority of users use mobiles more than their personal laptops and PCs. If your audience breakdown is low on mobile users, there is probably something not quite right with your strategy.

This is assuming the mobile-version of your website or a native app is optimal. People today prefer to use mobile for instant consumption on content. Desktop users tend to be more stationary and difficult to convert. For a business to find sustainable success, having a sizable mobile audience is necessary.

Engagement is High But Conversion Rate is Low

Engagement should ideally lead to sales. However, in some cases, even high engagement cannot lead to an increase in lead generation and sales. This may be due to a variety of reasons such as content problems, absence of convincing CTA buttons and message.

If this is the case, digital marketers in charge should consider making changes to the strategy in place.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three main signs a digital marketing strategy is not working.

About the Author – KishanSoni is a digital marketing trainer and podcaster with many years of experience in the field. He currently writes for Eduburg, an institute known for its best digital marketing training in Delhi.

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