How to Ensure Privacy When Browsing the Web

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Those who use Google or any other search engine should be wary of their privacy. There is a great chance that your every move on the internet is monitored and that your personal details are being stolen. Those involved in this unwanted identity theft may be government agencies, advertising agencies or hackers.  For example, you will notice that virtually all the advertisements on your Smartphone are tailored towards your interests; they are all in line with information that you have searched online and this is evidence that someone somewhere is monitoring your search history.  The best way to prevent this is to go for private search engines. Such will never record your search history and can help maintain your privacy online.  In the remaining part of this write-up, we will enlighten you about the various types available out there.

  • scramblerzDuckDuckGo: This is considered as the 7th largest among all the private search tools online. It records the biggest number of search daily compared to others in the same category.  There is no anonymous identifier in the search tool and this ensures that you can use it without bothering about anyone detecting your identity. The number of searches conducted on this search engine is about 20 million per day.
  • SwissCows: This search tool is one of the best alternative search engines to Google and can help protect your identity. The system sis innovative and the search result is generated very fast.  It was launched in 2004 and has its subsidiary located in Switzerland.   Your personal data will never be shared at all with a third party or an advertiser.
  • me: This is yet another search tool that can take the place of Google and also protect your identity. It is a metasearch tool and helps to aggregate search results of other search tools. It equally never stores your personal information, which promotes privacy.  Interestingly enough, the search tool is available for free use.
  • Disconnect Search: This search tool can prevent the end user from being spied on or tracked. It is available for free also and there is no hidden fee of any kind. It can equally get its search results from other search tools, like DuckGogo, Yahoo and Bing; you can choose which of these search tools you prefer when conducting an online search. The search tool guarantees anonymity and no one will ever be able to see your search history.
  • MetaGer: It was developed by NGO, which is a German company. Its popularity is not limited to Europe, but it is also sued in various countries across the globe. The anonymity of the end user is guaranteed and you can use the search tool to hide your IP address. It is an open source tool and available in three languages, which hare Espanol, English and German

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