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The crucial thing for any entrepreneur is to run a business successfully. You have to pay attention to various aspects in all direction at any one point to run your business smoothly. These days the marketing strategies entirely dependent on the internet users, your strategies should be focused on the internet marketing.

It’s essential because everyone finds it’s easier to browse their favorite products online and just in seconds they buy them by clicking “Buy now.” Learn more on the website optimization through smartphones described by the SEO marketing company in Gurgaon, which is an important part of your business success.

1.         Search engine page rankings

Recently, Google updates their guidelines on keyword usage, mobile-friendly websites, and other topics. The responsive web design directly effects on the mobile website to rank your page in search results. An approachable website is designed considering the websites that can be accessed through various devices.

A current study by Google relives that around 60% users will quit the website if doesn’t support on their smartphones. Google owns the 83% ownership of mobile market and also provides a free tool to update your website for mobile-friendly, which boost your business.

Create a website that automatically adjusts the parameters, such as display and other things, which makes your website to view through cellphones, desktops, and much more.

2.         Develop a mobile application for greater ranking

Build a great mobile website for your business and make sure the app is user-friendly, which is associated with several advantages. When a user searches for the specific terms that are similar to your mobile app list, it links with the app to bring huge visibility.

If the user searches with keyword or term that’s done on the Android device using Google, the search engine is likely to return with a series of suggestion app. Out of which yours could be topped with the maximum search result and called “App Pack.” The App pack works in a unique way; it groups the similar apps and results in organic search result most of the times.

Benefits of using apps

No logins credentials every time

It’s ease to access when you’re using the app to view the website. You don’t have to login each and every time, the app store the information through the personal mail id and improves the overall user experience. The login credentials are asked when you switch the phone or user.


This allows monitoring the user behavior and optimizes your app that increases the brand identity.

3.         Increase in smartphone users

Google research shows that around 70% of the US consumers own smartphones and prefers mobile friendly website for a better experience. Nearly 4 billion loves to experience the mobile websites and every day there’s increase in a number of smartphone users.

4.         Smartphones and E-commerce

If you own an e-commerce business site then it’s recommended to have a mobile app that provides 24/7 service through live chats. SEO marketing company Gurgaon provides a current survey that in 2016 mobile-based e-commerce business estimated a value of $ 120 billion which was double from the 2014 predecessor.

Google displays higher and averages ranked pages in the top search result. This means the app has the potential to increase the visibility apart from the mobile website.

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