UC Browser with Gesture Control Features

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A part of the primary highlights included is the gesture `controls that you can use to perform distinctive activities, the capacity to rapidly switch tabs, and the capacity to seek by means of voice commands. UC Browser is a contrasting option to the numerous Internet browsers you can discover for Android. It has a straightforward interface, yet this is all that anyone could need to appreciate surfing the web. According to UC Web, the new UC Browser HD 3.0 has been created to flawlessly support video and gesture control on tablets and phablets. This new upgrade comes nearby Android’s ascent in the tablet market.

UC mini Browser supports different gesture that makes surfing considerably quicker and simpler. It additionally permits single-handed utilization particularly on bigger gadgets, for example, phablets. Clients can swipe to the right to move in reverse or swipe to the left to go ahead. Additionally, videos to support gesture as observed in most media players. You can swipe left or right to look for in reverse or forward in a video. You can swipe up or down on the left side or right side to increase or decrease the glow and volume in that order.

The UC Browser HD has another exceptional component – the savvy content zoom highlight. This component naturally amplifies the content on the website page, making it simpler for the client to peruse without the bother of squeezing the screen unfailingly. This can be extremely helpful for clients to get to news articles and discussions. Another component is the Page Preloader, which naturally stacks the following page for the client as the clients peruse the principal page. This component proves to be useful while experiencing different pages of an output or while perusing a digital book on a tablet.

Draw individual gestures to visit your most loved sites in a split second – another method for perusing knowledge! Gestures are an add-on of UC Mini Browser that enables you to visit sites by drawing gestures on the screen. Just include your most loved site addresses as gestures and draw these gestures to visit the locales immediately.

How to apply?

  • In the add-on, panel click the Gestures icon, or you can even click the afloat button at the bottom right area of the browser to go into the gestures panel;
  • By means of your fingers draw a gesture, and see how the magic begins!

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