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When companies release a certain product like a home theatre, there are things about that product that they never tell you. Their product is cheaper than what it looks, it has flaws that are hidden unless it explodes in your face. The recent one that they release is not the best. In fact, they already have a new device ready to be produced that they never tell you (unless it gets leaked). It’s no secret that not all components of a device is made by one company. Just like  some companies borrowing LCDs from various manufacturer, even the chip is from their rival company and many more.

You get these popular theatre systems in the market out there that are very expensive from popular brands. Sure you get blown away by the features and ads that masks the inflation of these theatre systems. But it does show over time how cheap the product is. After all the hype and after you put in the years using the product, only then that it shows it’s true value. When it comes to buying a home theatre or technology products for that matter there are things that tech companies never tell you.

The real production cost: The production cost is cheaper compared to the selling price of a home theatre system. What they aren’t telling you is how much they inflate the price. They cover it with features and a barrage of ads to make people drool and buy the product no matter how ridiculously high it is. The result? A very profitable product that they don’t really need to sell the whole lot. Odyssey knows that all too well that is why their products are a value for money. They compete by selling top quality products at a reasonable price.

The flaws that they try to hide: There are flaws that companies never get to fix because of deadlines. These companies think that the problems will be minimal but it’s not entirely the case, especially when people are starting to use them and the problem shows. But because they want to beat a deadline and get some sales, they released it instead and what do they get? A flop of a product that got a massive recall. With Odyssey, you can be sure that the product that you get are not rushed. They make sure that every product that they release on the market will not disappoint you. Made with the highest quality standards to ensure that you get the best experience possible out of your home theatre system without ever showing any signs of problems during normal use.

Outsourcing production: Outsourcing the production is nothing new. In fact it’s the new norm for most brand. The main reason for this is to save cost on people, production and factory. With outsourcing, companies can be profitable without spending too much. One of the main factor why Odyssey doesn’t have a lot of products being circulated is because they don’t outsource their production. They are true to their roots and gave people jobs than giving it to outsourcing companies.

Not all are their technology: Some companies in order to stay relevant and competitive adapts and embraces other company’s technology. Some small audio companies buy audio cables, speakers and other parts from their biggest competitor in order to provide the best products in the market. With Odyssey, everything you see, hear and feel are their own. The parts, the materials and the technology is all Odyssey. There are companies that sounds alike, and because they share parts, that can be the main reason. But with Odyssey, you will experience a unique audio and visual experience that you can only get when you buy an Odyssey home theatre system.

The hype: In order for a company to sell their product they make this noise and it’s called a hype. Getting artists, athletes, and popular personalities to use their product. They all want people to use it that is why they make popular people use their theatre systems and take pictures of these people. Post it on social media and you got a product that people would want. Even if the product is average at best, it doesn’t matter because the made people think that their theatre systems are special. Because of that, they are able to charge more, but not Odyssey. Odyssey doesn’t play around, no gimmicks just results. Don’t believe the hype and trust only Odyssey.

Tech is not the best investment: These companies keep releasing these technologies that people would drool and would wish to have. But these companies never tell anyone that the value of their product will depreciate over time. Any technology after as little as 2 years would depreciate its value as an even better technology comes in. That is why some people don’t really see a technology as a wise investment. Odyssey products may depreciate its value over time. Just like any home theatre systems out there, but one thing is certain, the performance, sound and audio quality will still feel good even after 3-5 years of use guaranteed. Plus, their products are cheaper, so the depreciation value won’t be that high as any costly home theatre systems out there on the market today.

Odyssey has been one of the solid companies in the home cinematic theatre industry that has gotten a lot of respect over the years from their products. Unlike the competition, this company has been putting up top dollar home theatre systems at a reasonable price. A product that is uncompromising, well built, well thought of and of high quality. Their marketing strategy is not about the hype, they don’t even outsource their production. Instead, they put out products silently but once you experience it, you will definitely be blown away. Their technology might depreciate over time but atleast you didnt pay too much money for it. Their latest TM-60 proves just that. The Odyssey Cinema TM-60 Reviews have been very positive that people should think about their options if they buy a home theatre system.

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