How to Increase Audience Engagement on Instagram?

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Social media today has become a popular platform for not only engaging in photo sharing and networking with friends but is also a great place to promote your business. Over the years internet has seen the rise of many such applications like Face book, Twitter and Instagram. Of all the three instagram has seen tremendous popularity recently. Since its debut in 2010 the application has had user base that is growing by leaps and bounds. With more the 500 million users it is second most used social media platform after Face book. To make use of the instagram for any purpose be it business or pleasure it is important that your profile is popular enough to be visible to all. This visibility can only be attained if your profile has visitors who regularly like and comment on your posts. If you are using for business purpose then one on one commenting would not suffice the need. In such a scenario one would need automatic comments being generated to enhance visibility and engage audience.

Now the question arises what are these automatic comments? These are noting but paid comments provided by third party service providers. There are various packages available from which one can choose as per their needs. The more comments you get on your profile the more popular and prevalent you become among others. Purchased comments help you draw people to your profile thereby increasing their curiosity in your product or business. Therefore one can say that buying automatic comments is always a good move to increase instagram engagement. Other then this there are few other tricks as well to achieve this. One should prepare profile that is visually appealing and should be able to sustain the interests of the user. Next writing hashtags smartly is also quiet essential. Using spammy and banned hash tags might penalize your account. Therefore it is important to strategically write your hash tags.

When to post something on your account? Is timing important?

The timing when we make a post is also equally important to generate maximum audience engagement. This can only happen when the posts are made when the audience is more active. When the post is made at a strategic time it gains more visibility with more people commenting and liking it. This can result in gains for the business in the long run. Therefore scheduling could be one of the key strategies on instagram.  Adding a small quiz or something that is interactive to the posts also works wonders. This helps retain customer interest to a great extent. One can also join instagram pods to where a group of 15 to 20 instagrammers work to increase each other’s possibility. Only considering your own profile is not enough as it needs regular updation to be inline with the trends. Last but not the least one should be active on instagram to keep a tab on the competitor.

If you have not really encountered of the massive benefits Instagram holds for you, then it is time for you to read over and gain a comprehensive know-how of the same.

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