How To Buy YouTube Comments

Creating engagement on your videos with comments is the best way to get more viewers and subscribers on YouTube. Good or bad people love to share their opinions. The problem is that a video either needs to be really good or really bad to get many comments. Having a video with a ton of comments is a really powerful asset for any video or channel. Not only can YouTube comments influence the amount of time people spend watching a video, but it greatly improves the odds of viewers spending time reading comments. With a little luck some of these people will even join the discussion and leave a comment themselves.

Clearly YouTube comments are a huge asset for any channel, but what do you do when your videos don’t receive many comments? Well, there are a few ways to influence people to leave a comment on your YouTube videos:

  1. – Engage Your Viewers

Your videos need to have a call to action. Give people some direction and cause as to why they should spend time leaving a comment.

  1. – Social Exchanges

There are a number of social exchange groups available, especially on Facebook. These YouTube exchange groups are for publishers to network and help each other out with growing their channels. As a publisher you share your videos with other publishers and exchange views, likes, comments, and subscribes. Although, it can be challenging getting people to commit to an exchange making this a rather tedious process.

  1. – Buy YouTube Comments

One of the best ways to influence people to leave comments on your videos is to simply buy YouTube comments. Now there are a number of businesses available that can provide services like this, but you need to be careful who you choose to do business with. A number of these YouTube comment services use the same old cheap generic comments that look like spam. It’s important that you avoid using services like this because comments like this are not going to help influence other viewers to engage your video.

I strongly suggest using a service like Mass Media to buy YouTube comments. This company only provides custom comments, meaning the comments that get posted to your videos say anything you want them to say. There is honestly no better way to start multiple discussions on or about your videos!

Steps to buy YouTube comments:

  • Provide the link to your YouTube video
  • Enter the number of comments you would like to buy
  • List what you would like each comment to say

As you can see, getting more comments on your videos is just a simple three step process. Please keep in mind that emojis do not work with these comments, but they are still the best way to steer a conversation in the comments section. Especially if your videos are pretty sparse to begin with because there’s no better way to start a more engaging discussion about your video. The comments appear to be posted by pretty active YouTube users as well which is a huge plus.

Overall, there are definitely a few different ways to influence viewers to leave comments on your YouTube videos, but buying comments is definitely the easiest way to add real engagement on your videos that will continue to pay dividends down the road. Not to mention it’s less than $0.50 per comment, making it a really inexpensive and effective marketing tool. YouTube comments are an extremely powerful asset to have, and I highly suggest you start thinking of new ways to encourage people to join or start a discussion on your videos.