Programmatic advertising: bet on real-time bidding!

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The programmatic advertising is to buy advertising space automatically. After a first appearance in the field of digital advertising, programmatic processes are now gaining the traditional media even if in this field, automated campaigns rarely give rise to real-time auctions.

Popular in the digital world, programmatic advertising is a very trendy and beneficial business practice.

The market for programmatic advertising is evolving more and more and today it represents a little more than half of the display advertising market.

How does programmatic advertising work?

The programmatic auction advertising is based on a real-time bidding system. This system adapts to the behavior of the user to target at the right time with content adapted to the need to push for conversion. Initially, a budget is defined with the audience, the location and the content of the advertisement. via programmatic purchasing platforms. The Ad Exchanges platform will then use its algorithm to better adjust the impressions and the content according to the results and the behaviors of the Net surfers. This process uses a lot of data and procedures to deliver the most relevant message at the right time to increase the chances of conversions. With programmatic advertising, everything is automated.

Programmatic advertising

How to optimize programmatic advertising?

  • Regardless of the chosen market (open or private), good practices must be put in place to optimize its programmatic advertising campaigns :
  • Definition of its objectives: what is the purpose of your campaigns? By setting your goals, you can take the right steps to improve your campaigns.
  • Testing different platforms: by identifying the various options, you can choose the most suitable platforms. To start, select between 3 and 4 markets and analyze the benefits of these. Then you can either turn to others or choose less.
  • Localization: with a relocated referencing system, it is possible to establish a certain catchment area according to the strategy adopted. This is a great opportunity to attract customers to his shop thanks to local advertising.
  • Customer Importance: It’s important to consider how to improve your user experience

What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

With programmatic advertising, the targeting is precise because it is possible to integrate into a campaign different types of data: habits and profiles of prospects (shopping habits, browsing history or socio-demographic data) for example.

The process also takes place in real time. This makes it easy to collect and analyze data to optimize campaigns and maximize results.

Through the programmatic platform, advertising fraud attempts are also minimal since you keep a permanent eye on the performance of your campaign.

The programmatic advertising is also a very effective strategy because it combines real-time bidding, regular optimization, and precise targeting. Thanks to this combination, the results are very good and cost-effective.

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