Previously, we used USB cables and Bluetooth to transfer data between Android and PC. Today, we don’t carry cables everywhere, and Bluetooth isn’t fast enough to transfer a large number of files without failing. The majority of users rely on a stable internet connection to transfer data via various mediums such as cloud services, email, chat apps, and so on. But what if there is no internet access? Assume you are on the road and need to transfer files from your phone to your PC or vice versa. You don’t have a USB cable, and mobile data isn’t exactly reliable. What should you do in this situation? How do you transfer files? Your answer to above question is zapya! You can visit Guruprasad website to download the same.



┬áBecause it allows users to share files without requiring an Internet or cellular data connection, Zapya has grown in popularity in countries with low Internet penetration and poor Internet architecture. The app is available on a variety of platforms, including low-end phone models, making it accessible to everyone. Users can use a transfer method similar to Bluetooth and AirDrop to transfer files of any type and size for free. Some cellphone stores use Zapya’s “Phone Replicate” feature to transfer data from old phones to new ones for their customers. Zapya allows you to transfer files from one to another device without requiring any Internet access or cables . The near-field communication protocol is supported by a number of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This software enables you to upload any type of file without requiring a USB cable or an Internet connection. Zapya basically supports many types of file formats. It is particularly useful for videos and photos, which are the most frequently generated files on mobile phones today. Tethering is the method used. This enables you to share your computer’s Internet connection with other devices and turn your computer into a WiFi hotspot. This programme is one of the fastest in its class, capable of transferring up to 10MB per second. This programme enables you to quickly and easily share files between devices without causing data loss or wasting mobile/Internet data. Don’t worry about the size, type, or MBs; simply connect the devices that have the app installed; use the simple drag and drop option to transfer photos, videos, audios, and PDFs.

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