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The photo editors are meant for bringing better quality to the photos and they will also help in altering the photos according to one’s interest. Today there is hundreds of photo editing software in the online market. However, the users don’t show interest in using all among them. They will never prefer to take risk by using software without analyzing their feature. Especially professionals will not choose photo editing software so easily for their professional needs. One of the best photo editors which are highly preferred by many people in current scenario is revealed in this article.


Luminar is the editing software which is highly used by the professionals in current scenario. Luminar is designed in order overcome all the needs of the professionals in a single software. This is the reason why they are considered to be the all in one solution for photo editing. The only thing which one needs to do is they must download this software to their device. The most important thing to be noted is this software can be downloaded only for mac. People who are in need to use this software in their desktop are supposed to wait as the software for desktop is still in development.

The software was recently launched in March 8, 2017. The version is stated as 1.1.3 and their size is about 150 MB. They are available in many different languages which include Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and in many other languages. This is also the reason why this software has a better recognition in different parts of the world. The users can use them in their convenient language. While considering the ratings, they are rated high by all the users. Currently more than 150000 users are using this software for their photo editing needs.

Easy to use

Obviously everyone wants to use the software which is easy to use. While considering this factor, luminar will be the right option. The options in this software are very easy to handle. Even though they are easy to use, they are designed with the most advanced features. Various improvements were done in this version in order to satisfy the needs of the professional photo editors. Improvements were done with the filters, speed, UI and other related aspects. With the help of these features, the professionals can add more effects to the photos.


As stated above, this software is designed only for the Mac. Hence people who want to use this mac application can download it from the mac app store. By using the photo editor app store this software can be downloaded easily within fraction of seconds. The rating and other related aspects can be taken into consideration before making the download. It is to be noted that since the new version was updated recently, there may not be sufficient rating for the new version in online. Hence the users need not bother about this factor and can make use of this software.

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