GXR-8CH01 Smart Surveillance for your home to ensure the desired level of security

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Security is one of the main concern in today’s era when there is steep competition and it is utmost required that products or components should remain safe till they are brought to the working condition. There are many ways in which one can adopt the security system. The method selected will depend upon the kind of security needed for that particular place.

One of the security features which can be adopted includes smart surveillance system. It incorporates the features of a smartphone and currently developed advanced technology in order to keep an eye on different places or products. It will help to ensure that we are constantly monitoring different things which we are willing to keep safe.

Features of GXR-8CH01 model of surveillance system

Keeping the surveillance system will ensure a kind of security in the mind of individual who is installing the same. It is connected to the mobile device which the user is using. This will help to have a constant feedback for the individual and hence they can be ensured that their product is held secured at the location which they have selected for the same.

Even the individual will have the option of monitoring the activities which are occurring at the place around the surveillance system. This proves to be highly beneficial as one can monitor this activity and can identify any of the suspicious activities if they are found. These units are very accurate and can even identify even the slightest activity around the sensors which are installed.

Even the voice capturing service is installed in the system which can record the voice at the desired location. It will help to identify which individual has passed through even via voice recognition service. This recording service is also quite accurate enough to record accurately voice of the individuals which passes by.

Continuous monitoring of encrypted data

Cyber security is of utmost importance in today’s era. With a large quantity of data to be handled with the surveillance system, it becomes utmost need to ensure that the data which is transmitted or received is same as the data which is sent. Even there are chances of data distortion or changes in the data in-between the route.

In such cases GXR-8CH01 model ensures highest level of encryption of the data. Special algorithm is used for performing the said operation over the device. This will ensure data security which is to be transmitted and stored. This encrypted data can’t be decoded unless the individual is having the key which is used to encrypt the data.

The network which is used is also quite secure enough which helps in maintaining data privacy. It will lead to its user being less worried about the location where they have installed the system.


Thus we can say that Smart Surveillance System is a device which ensures that desired level of security is ensured at the location where it is to be installed. It will help to ensure that one can keep constant watch over the desired location thereby ensuring that the place is remaining to be safe enough from suspicious activities.

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