Do robots work better than customer service agents?

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This is one of the hot questions discussed by the leading business organizations and customer care industry experts. With everything online, quality of customer care services through different platforms and multiple devices are getting much importance. It is a well-known fact that quality of customer service can build and break business and customer retention. Recent reports state that volume of businesses grows by more than 40% with good customer service and the same decreases by more than 50% due to bad experience with the customer care executives. With tight competition in the present business world, none of the business giants love to miss even a single customer just for the reason of poor customer service. This is the reason why most of them have look for automated customer service using robots.

What is robot customer service?

In simple words, robot customer service is the process, system or technique of providing customer service using robots. Yes, it puts an end to human touch and provides efficient, precise and brisk customer services using artificial intelligence, conversational commerce techniques, image recognition, voice recognition and set of automated chat programs and instructions. Chatbots are already used by most of the leading companies around the world to provide customers service through multiple devices and online platforms. There is no doubt that chatbots with robots are soon going the kill the customer care industry with a human touch.

Benefits of automated customer services

There are several benefits of using this customer services when compared with usual ones. It provides complete benefits of automated systems and artificial intelligence to provide quality customers services at cheap rates. Here are some of the important benefits of using robot customer services.

Reduces the cost to rock bottom level

Almost all of the companies give equal importance to the quality of customer service just as to the product or services. This is the reasons why they hire several numbers of customer executives to handle all types of inquiries from customers. A huge amount is paid up every year to meet the salary package of the staffs. The studies state that minimum 30 % of the manual staffs can be freed up with the use of chatbots for the companies who spend a large amount to meet the salary of customer care executives.

Quality of services

It is human character and nature to get irritated by the repeated same queries. This can kill the spirit and enthusiasm in work showed by the customers in the starting stages of the job. It is really impossible to predict the way the customer reacts and behaves. But on the other hand, since robot works with artificial intelligence there is nothing to happen with the emotions and keeps the quality of services in any of the situations.

Get the best

Present chatbots and robots are developed to chat and talk exactly like humans. There are reputed companies to provide the chatbots for all of the web and mobile applications. Get the best in robotshop customer service to enjoy the real benefits of automated customer service system.

Now let the robots work for a long period of time without asking perks in packages.

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