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Mobile phones have become so common that most of us own more than one. With this increase in phones, phone calls have increased too. That is a good thing. However, scam calls are no exception. They have increased as well.

We usually take prank calls as harmless. But that is not always the case. On top of being annoying, scam calls can even cost you heavily. People lose thousands of dollars each year thanks to the ever-growing smartness of scammers. Your only solution, find caller details and file a report against them.

Types of scam calls

Let’s take a look at some of the types of scam calls. Knowing the types may help you to identify whether what you are receiving is actually a scam call or genuine one.

1- Claim your reward

These are probably the most common type of scam calls. They will claim that you have won a lottery or a holiday ticket or a tourist stay abroad. They will usually ask you to make a small payment first though. If you have won it, why should you have to pay? Be wary.

2- Offering Loan

This is not your regular loan advertisement, so be careful. They will offer you amazing benefits and tempting interest rates in order to get your bank details. Never ever give your bank details over the phone. If you want a loan, go to the bank.

find caller details

3- Missed call

Some scam calls are simply missed calls. The aim is to get you to call back. If you call back, they deduct charges on your phone. If it is very important, why will anyone give you a missed call? If it rings once and goes away, let it go.

4- Threat calls

Scammers sometimes pose as IRS officers or other government officials and threaten to arrest you if you don’t make immediate payments. These scammers may sound so genuine that you might falter before them. Remember though that the government wouldn’t take details over phone calls.

5- Donation Calls

These scammers pose as trusts and charity organizations in order to get you to donate to them. They will ask for little amounts and beg for help. A little help from over a 100 people will get them a handsome amount to do away with. If you want to donate, do so at a renown place in your neighborhood.

Now that you have learned the various types of scam calls you can be exposed to, they will be easier to evade. Ignoring the calls is not the solution. It is important to identify the scams and report them. Instead of calling them back, check caller details and report them appropriately.

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