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How to track someone’s phone

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You don’t necessarily, need to be a specialist technician or hacker to track someone’s phone but, it is also possible for the ordinary people to do it with ease. There are of course several methods that you can use to track a phone. You have the option of choosing the free software that is available on the internet to perform simple tracking processes. We have listed some easy methods that can be your solution for how to track someone’s phone.

Google Latitude application

It is one of the easiest ways of tracking a cell phone. What makes it the first preferred choice is that it is available for free. It helps to keep a track of the contacts by locating the cell phones and then displaying their location on the Google map. Although available for free, it is important that you have to download the application on your phone and make sure you have installed it, whether it is on your computer or the mobile phone. However, an important aspect of this is also ensuring that the person is willing to be tracked by you or by anyone. But, it does make tracing easier, as it does not need you to have your GPS turned on, instead you just need to have the app an install it and start tracking people.

Google Find My Device

Find My Device definitely should be your first choice of tracking method, as this makes it phone tracking as easy as a click of mouse. Every mobile that you come across today, has Find My Device feature preinstalled in it, which automatically helps you to track your phones location. It is important to allow the option of finding your device by going through the phone settings itself. The android device allows you to locate the phone that is logged on to the Google account. You are able to reset the screen lock pin, erase the data from your phone, you have the option to set on an alarm and you can lock the phone too.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, you also have the option of using the GPS enabled phones that allow installation of tracker software. Such software allows the user to track the phone without leaking any information or letting the user know that it is being tracked. Internet provides you with a lot of free software that offer the mobile tracing options and where there are apps that only provide a simple tracking option, there are others that provide you with multiple tracking options too. You can also find apps that are even used by parents and employers to keep a track of their kids and employees respectively. These apps are also found to be very useful even when you have lost your phone or it gets stolen. Such mobile tracking software makes it easier for you to track down your cell phone.

One of the easiest ways of tracking a mobile phone is by looking for freely available third party apps available on the internet. These apps can easily be installed on the phone and you can track your phone with the use of the software without being detectable.

If you find all the above mentioned methods difficult to follow, you can simply look for a private investigator and you can have a professional to do the tracking job for you. This is a legal alternative for you, if you are not able to do it on your own.

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GPS Cell Phone Tracker for Tracking Apps

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GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite system that provides location and time information on a global scale.

However, GPS can be used for much more. A cell phone spy app can be used to track various phone applications to always be aware of the events of the most important people in your life and even those that are not so important. Tracker not only allows you to keep track of family and friends, but you can know exactly where they are, upon arrival and can be done in real time, so there is no delay.

Locator applications are just one of the many applications available in mobile surveillance systems. For older children who are more likely to be posted on social networking sites and receive text messages and email from strangers, many programs offer access to all emails, text messages, photos, and daily calls. Being able to check your child’s contacts or to check the photos or videos on your phone can protect against the wrong people. These applications can give a parent head if inappropriate language or a stranger trying to get their child back in a secret meeting.

One of the arguments adolescents often use against the use of mobile monitoring is that it is intrusive and shows no respect for privacy. Protecting your child against poor decisions that cause sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy or drug treatment is as important as protection against strangers. There is no law in the United States that prevents parents from spying on their own minor children.

With applications such as the People Finder, Finding My Loopt Friends and getting more and more popular, people are basically obsessed with what they are doing when they do when they do. GPS basically determines your location and helps you stay in the loop that keeps you abreast of them coming and going. On the back, you can also tell others where you are and what you do with a cell phone tracker.

GPS mobile phone tracers can not only be used to keep an eye on your loved ones but also be a great security measure. A concerned parent wants to know where children are, what they do and what they are; They should make sure they are where they say they are not in difficulty. If a loved one is traveling, you want to know that they are safe. A cell phone spy app is ideal for all these scenarios.

Do you have a partner looking at the investigation? You may want to keep an eye on him or her. Do you have an employee who said they could not come because they are sick, but have a hint of suspicion they are in the game of baseball? Yes, a mobile monitoring will also be useful for these situations. Monitoring applications are perfect for finding information that you cannot normally access and gather from yourself. Let your phone do the work for you.

Mobile tracking is a great way to keep track of your loved ones and to know at all times what is going on with them. This can be a security problem and even espionage. The possibilities are endless.

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Now keep track on whatsapp activity of your child with whatsapp spyware!

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Social media is no less than a rage as it is certainly not possible to live without it, as we are so much into it. Well, many a times it is matter of concern for the parent to see what they are kids up and with whom they are mingling and so on. Well, here in this piece of annotation we will help you to understand how you can easily make snoop into your kids phone without letting them know that there are under radar. As sated earlier, it is difficult to slip in and keep track on their activity, but technology is something that always have answer to such query and your solutions is whatsapp spyware , that  will certainly help you to  keep account of your child activity.

Now days it common to see kids who use smart phones and this is the reason why they are active on the social media sites. It is certainly one of the toughest tasks to see what your kids are doing especially on one to one platform where its mammoth task to see what exactly they are up to. Finding bots and spy ware is not the big deal as there are many and if you are looking out for such stuffs for the first time then it becomes important to take up the right spyware that will provide you complete and holistic services.

It is needless to mention that you must be having several questions pertaining to the spyware for instance how it works and how you can easily make the most from app so that you can keep records of your child. To help you here we bring you how you can easily make the most and at the sometime we will give you quick brief as this will certainly help you to find the best app that will help you to have detailed information about the stuff that your kids is into.

What all whatsapp spyware entails?

 Well, this  is a million dollar question as  to help you have better understanding here we bring you point wise break down as this will help you  to make use of the app in  the  better manner.

  • You can easily access with whom your child is communicating and at the same time, you can easily see the conversation as well.
  • You can easily have the access to the past conversation, as this will help you to have the more in-depth info as this will certainly help you to know better about their activity.
  • You can track all the file that has been shared on the device

The above mentioned are  just a few as there are numerous  apps that provides these services thus it becomes important to choose the best one as this will certainly help you to keep track on your services and this is the reason why mostly people prefer whatsapp spyware to see what their kids are up to.


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Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Software

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Have you ever wished to just see your partner’s call logs or web activities without them knowing? Or if you’re a parent, you may want to keep track of your children’s day to day online activities.

You can find a bunch of software that is available when you browse for the best cell phone spyware online.

However, selecting the right one from a list of many can be tasking and time-consuming. You need to make a calculated decision depending on your basic needs.


It’s an effective monitoring tool which comes with really good features. mSpy is one of the easiest and simplest spyware to use. It allows you to supervise an iPad and iPhone without having to escape the device.

Here are the basic features of mSpy which include activities, such as to track GPS location, text messages, or monitor instant messages. It also has some unique features which are following:

Key logging feature: This feature allows you see all the keystrokes that are entered into a monitored cell phone. It allows seeing the instant messages they are typing in messenger apps, such as WhatsApp and Skype.

Blocking apps and websites: It’s also used as parental control software for smartphones. It allows you to block destructive websites, like pornographic or sexual, social networking and gambling sites. You can also have the control on games and apps they are playing and running.

Unlimited device change: Initially mSpy license is active on a single device, but if you want you can deactivate the license and then activate the license on your new cell phone.

Highster Mobile

If you want the best value for your money then pick the Highster Mobile Pro Edition. It’s crowded with all the best features that can help you monitoring a cell phone.

Social media monitoring: The app helps you to monitor social networking, such as Facebook, Skype, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

Real-time GPS tracking: With the GPS-tracking technology, you can know where is the monitored device. Location can be displayed without the control panel on the map.

Call monitoring: It allows you to monitor outgoing and incoming phone calls, phone number of the person calling, date and time of the calls, and also the complete log of the phone.

It’s one of the best cell phone spyware you can find online. It has been the business since 2005 and providing advanced features on a wide range of mobile platforms, such as iPad, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, iPhone, and Android.

You will require to first root the targeted device in order to install the application. Once it’s done successfully, you can install the app to start recording activities. The following features make it stand out from the bunch.

Call intercept:It lets you listen to all phone calls instantly.

Record phone calls: It also allows you to record phone calls made from or to the targeted device. Later, you can find all the recording to your FlexiSPY control panel.

Spy on passwords: This is the unique feature of FlexiSPY that allows you to see all passwords entered on the phone for social messaging, applications, and emails.

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Monitor your children’s mobile phone activities through mobile spy app

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Mobile phones are now quickly dominating our lives which are so hard to imagine a world without those things. In the olden days, the mobile phone is just only developed for communicating with the people around the world. But, it is now upgraded with the latest technological aspects which helps the people to access their fantastic features in the easiest manner. As the coin has both sides of the head and tail, the mobile phones are also having its features and some cons too. Since all age groups of people are now using mobile phone, some parents and the spouse are feeling so afraid of their children and partner about their contacts. Fortunately, the latest technology of the mobile spy app is now available to help the people who want to scrutinize their loved one’s mobile phone. In this article, you are going to see the features that you can avail by accessing the mobile spy app.

Amenities that you can access through the app

Today’s advancement of the internet offers you the various social media networks and people of all age groups are having their account on that site. This gives them the exciting chance to get in touch with their friends and even with the strangers too. Though it is so featured for the people, teens and youngsters are getting addicted to it and also lead to make the unwanted friendship. For this reason, the parents of their children who use the internet on mobiles have afraid of affairs of the kids. So, they are in need of examining their children’s mobile activities for avoiding the risks.

It is now possible to scrutinize the mobile actions of their children using the mobile spy app. Obviously, the mobile spy app can be the fantastic mobile phone monitoring software that can provide you the fantastic features for you. Of course, these kinds of the mobile spy can offer you the services that are mentioned as follows.

1.Call logs – Gives the chance to overview all the incoming and outgoing calls that are made in the mobile phone.

2.SMS and MMS – You can view all the text messages even it is deleted over this app

3.GPS locations – The current location of the mobile can also be recognized.

4.Social activities – It is possible to view all the actions that are made in the social networking sites.

Apart from these kinds of the amenities, the app is now offering some other features to examine your kid’s mobile activities and they are listed as follows.


2.Browser incognito mode

3.Multiple device management

4.File usage and transfers

5.Remote settings

6.Powerful administrative tools

7.Application blocking

All these features can be accessed when you have used this fantastic mobile spy app. In order to use this app, you just need to install the app on the mobile phone of your kid. Once it is installed on the mobile phone, it does not give any notifications and so there is no need to worry about your kid can recognize this app. After you have installed, you can monitor all the activities through the laptop simply in your home.