Working of Freos Red Pill

Freoswas founded in the summer of 2018. This project has been organized to aid the mass adoption of the freos coin. This is also a Cryptolifer movement and is promoting the vision of freos.

Onion Router

Freos are employing the Onion Router and randomly it is sending and encrypting the traffic online. This onion network is using the layers of encryption, which are very similar to an onion. The data from the internet will enter into the onion network and then it is forming the random relay, which is not sharing the IP address with the final destination.

As said above this router is randomly sending and encrypting the traffic online. There are various exit nodes are present at various locations. Here the internet data will not take the direct route of the source to destination and will enter into the random relay of onion network. This will make one hop, which is additional, and then it will be exited from the random node. This will go to the final destination on the internet. The entry node will only able to see the real IP address. The final destination and the exit node will be able to know the final destination but not the IP address.

Double-Blind Proxy

Freos coin is also employing the double-blind proxy for securing the online transactions. The freos proxy engine is allowing purchasing online without relieving the identity. It will hide all the sensitive information completely and it is totally private and secure.

There are cases when some of the important and critical data is exposed in an online transaction then the double-blind proxy will help you in securing that sensitive information. This will keep all the online transaction and purchase secure, safe and private.

Freos Software

Now you will learn something about Freos Software. This Software is a proprietary of Freos and it is used for video conferencing, Voice, email and direct messaging in the world. Freos Red Pill is designed for communication securely through various encrypted channels and it is ensuring that all the conversation in communication is private.

Technology is continuously evolving and therefore for protecting the users of Red Pill, Freos are continuously upgrading the program. All the security and the privacy features are upgraded for this service.

Freos are having the team of tech perceptive and intelligent liberal coders. Because of them, this all things have been possible. This is more than a company but it is a movement.

Continuously it is required to invest in security. It is not the one-time activity but it is a continuous effort. Technology is changing continuously and it is required continuous security and commitment to research and development. Freos are working with the brightest and the best and ensuring that you are always safe and protected.