Why You Need To Transfer VHS & Negatives To Digital Formats

VHS was developed by Japan’s Victor Company (JVC) in the early 1970’s and was first released in Japan in 1976, followed by the US in 1977. These days, you will rarely see anyone with a VHS. But if you possess any VHS tapes, then you should consider transferring all the contents of the VHS to a digital format. This is because the data will be much safer when you store it in an electronic device like a CD, DVD or a hard disk.

Why digital formats

Over the years, VHS tapes get damaged naturally by cracking, curling or breaking. Storing heaps of VHS tapes can also create a real mess in your home or your offices. The only way to avoid all this clutter is to transfer the data from the VHS tapes to any digital device. And though this is something that you can do this on your own, it is advisable that you only get it done by a good video to DVD service. Only such professionals have the right hardware and tools to ensure a good quality transfer. During the transfer process, the conversion equipment receives the analog signals from the VHS, which is then converted to a digital format.

In addition to being a safer storage option, digital formats will also preserve the resolution and quality of the videos stored on the VHS.  However, keep in mind that transferring video to a DVD will not improve the quality. Instead, whatever the current quality of the video, that exact quality will be retained on the DVD. And if you find that some videos are of poor quality and require improvement, consult a professional data conversion service, and they will be able to provide you with a workable solution. Old video tapes like VHS, Beta, MiniDV, Video8, Hi8, and Digital8 can be converted into excellent and top quality DVDs. You can then watch these CDs or DVDs on your computer, laptop, and your DVD or CD player.

Another benefit of digitizing your VHS tapes is that you can access the data on all modern devices. A VHS tape requires a specialized player in order for you to see the videos. As such, if the player gets damaged somehow, then you will not be able to access the data on the tape until the player is repaired. And in this day and age, finding a VHS repair service can not only be expensive but also impossible. In contrast, once you digitize the contents of the tape, you can access them on smartphones, computers, tablets, and so on. This also ensures that you will always be able to view the data, no matter where you are.

The conversion process can get a bit expensive if you have a box full of VHS. But if you want to ensure that the data on the VHS tapes are safe and secure, then transferring them to digital format is the best thing you can do.  There are ways to do this yourself, but opting for a professional service will ensure your data is not lost, the VHS tapes are not damaged and the right storage solution is employed.