How to Hire a Third Party App Developer

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Mobile use is rising at a rapid rate among consumers of all ages; most brands are now taking a mobile-first approach. If your business doesn’t have a mobile-first strategy, it’s nearly impossible to be competitive these days. Some brands do take it a step further and develop apps as well. If your business is considering engaging customers with an app, then you have several options for actually developing the app. It’s possible to develop an app in-house, but you will need employees who can expertly code for Android and iOS. In case the business cannot afford expensive coders, the next option is to hire a third-party app developer. This is incidentally the most common option chosen by many businesses. Here are several tips that will help your company choose a third-party app developer:

Consider the Overall Reputation of the App Developer

The first quality to look for in a good app developer is the reputation of the provider. Don’t hire a freelance app developer you can find for cheap online. Developing an app for a business is a major task that may require a team of coders. Your app will have to be compatible with multiple operating systems, be highly responsive and engaging, and above all, it will have to be secure. Therefore, seek out an app development company with experience and a good reputation. You can ask for recommendations from colleagues or other businesses. Check out websites and see what the developer has accomplished so far. Don’t get cheap when it comes to developing an important app that will directly go from your business to customers.

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Is the Developer Familiar with Advertising?

App development is not limited to just coding and graphic design. What happens to the app when everything is coded? How will the app be marketed to the consumer? Therefore, consider hiring a digital marketing company that also offers app development services. There is a number of highly regarded specialist developers who can do the coding and then assist brands market the app. Apps, like websites, need to be optimised for search engines and otherwise optimised to drive user engagement. It’s the marketers who handle this aspect of development, not coders. Therefore, make sure you hire a developer expertise in marketing as well.

Check Out Previous Work

Check out the app developer’s previous work. What kind of apps has the company been involved with before? Do these apps look like what your business needs? Do read and review customer testimonials and previous work. It will help you sort the good developers from the bad ones.

The Developer Should Offer a Comprehensive Plan

The app development process can be long and arduous. It also has to be done continuously from the initial state of coding to the final stage of optimising for consumers. Therefore, the app developer should offer a comprehensive plan where the developer is contractually bound to stick around until the app is ready to be rolled out to the public.

Finally, pay attention to what tech support the company offers. The best app developers are the internet agencies that offer troubleshooting and beta testing services to ensure that the app works as intended. Considering that coding is a highly technical field, usually only the original coders know how the program works. If something needs tweaking because of a tech issue, then you will need the app developer there. Therefore, make sure tech support issues are discussed as well.

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