Why you need parental control software?

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Nowadays the internet is scary place. Your kids are more at home online than you are.It’s essential to monitor your kid’s activity on internet world. Parental control software is the ideal solution for this. In past days this software can be used to be on Family PC only. Moreover its little bit complicated to activate this software at internet-enabled devices like smartphones or Tablets some devices especially android or tablets lets you download apps that can limit screen time. Besides, most android phones come with the ability to make child account and pick up which apps they want..Here we have rounded up the best parental management software that can be used on your smartphone or Tablets.


This app offers awesome blend of flexibility and control.The best thing is that you don’t need any high degree qualification to understand those features. It provides a free version which lets you create user profile which would be good to customized with the service.It will be really useful when you upgrade to the premium package. Q studio App is available for Amazon fire, windows, Mac OS.

Qustudio’s user-friendly interface lets you understand its features very clearly.You can monitor everything via a web portal that can show you what’s you kid is visiting and how much time your kid is interacting with that website and much more.

parental control apps

Screen limit

As the name suggest, screen Limit is a parental control software that ensures your kids don’t utilize their screen too much. You can make the restrictions on how much time your kids can visit the site and similar matter. This awesome app available on all kind of the platform such as Android, amazon Fire, Mac Os. This app lets you create a child account and then chose a plan for them.you can make controls like when they can access the system and when they cannot too. The pro version contains one subscription plan that covers up to 10 children with unlimited internet enabled devices.

Home hallo

Home Hallo is UK based app that comes with best hardware based solution to the parental monitoring. Rather than installing an app on your phone, you will get a router.Just pay $ 199 subscription for the router and you can use it as lifetime services.  By using the sHome Halo app on your own phone, you can get connected to your child phone.so that you can monitor your child profile easily.

Screen Time parental control

This awesome app is less invasive than others and attracted towards your elder children.It will let you monitor the time your kids spend on the internet. Your kid’s internet activity can be controlled via that app itself running in the background. Choose the best parental control apps you wish the most.


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