What is the use of Session Border Controller?

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When VoIP system is considered, security and quality are the main concerns. The quality of service is considered to be important and the business needs to have the authorized people access to the service. The phone should not have expose to network weakness. How to solve this security issue? Session border controller helps in achieving all these goals. SCP is often paired with another on premises or hosted VoIP PBX or SIP trunk in the host equipment. It is a dedicated device or software package that can run on any kind of computer.

Main reason to use Session Border Controller is security. Along with security purpose, it serves lots of different purpose from a firewall. The security features included with this system are

  • Topology hiding – SIP packet takes its passage in the local network without taking any kind of special precautions. This will enable someone to attack the network. But when the topology is used with SBC, the information is reduced to minimum and can be secured.
  • Encryption – SBC will add TLS/SSL to SIP trunk and secure the real time transport protocol to the voice data. With this option, eavesdropping on call within the local network can be prevented.
  • Preventing unauthorized use – SBC is usually helpful in verifying the authorized connection. In this option unsecured or unauthorized signals are blocked. There are few denial of service that attacks packets as VoIP traffic, SBC can detect these packets and eliminate those from the network. When an IP sends lots of packet from the unauthorized hostile, each packet is blocked with SBC.
  • Detecting excessive use – Endpoint access may exceed the usual level if traffic and can be subletting the connection in the network policy. When SBC is installed, it can detect those and block misusage.

Session Border Controller

Benefits of SBC apart from security

  • Quality of service is an added benefit of SBC. It can make a network routing and data packet priorities to keep the quality of all calls. With this option, highest priority calls or emergency calls get connected.
  • IP management is easier which avoids the connection dropping. Local network routers use network address translation to convert public IP addresses and the other in the local network.
  • As the different equipment and connection can reduce efficiency, compatibility may become an issue. With SBC, it can optimize the connection between the phones and services when necessary.
  • VoIP heavy usage can be determined by the logging and billing functions on an SBC. This helps in detecting the excessive usage.

SBC is diverse in nature. You have to choose one form the reliable network to avoid the unauthorized access. Make sure the network works with your equipment and services. The features you require are loaded in the network of SBC.

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