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Technology has now advanced the extent that the society we are in is also advanced. There are all sorts of things happening around. Everywhere we go people talk of technology. The only constant thing is change. There are changes of all sorts that have taken place. Technology seems to brig changes at a very fast pace. Because of technology someone may want to know how to create youtube playlist. This is a normal occurrence because of there all types of videos around. So someone may want to save a collection of videos in a YouTube. This happens in this modern age where YouTube is the in thing. Almost everywhere people talk of YouTube. You must be good at computer work if you want to play around with YouTube.

The modern change has placed man in a real dilemma. The changes are many, and all of them are good. What technology does it place us in better lives than the previous ones? In this age almost everything is computerized. Here is where we realize cybercrime is becoming very common. The young children are also exposed to pornography at a very early age. This is a worrying trend. The security agents must be very alert when handling cyber crimes. They happen almost every minute. The criminals are out earning a living in a very easy way. They use shortcuts. A lot of people are losing money through online transactions in a very obvious way. We have a reason to be worried. Cyber crimes are almost everywhere. We must cat very fast before it is too late.

how to create youtube playlist

The many videos we watch and enjoy have nothing wrong. We are only worried about the many cyber crimes taking place. We should act, and act very fast. the criminal must not be tolerated. They must not be allowed to operate anymore. We have to ensure that we arrest them. The long arm of the government must act to save the situation which may be on the verge of collapse. When you want to create a YouTube playlist is a normal thing. But we must realize that piracy is very common. Which is also a worrying  trend. The government has a lot of work at hand. Piracy is very worrying. When creating the playlist you may realize you have used pirated works without knowing. We ought to be very careful.

When dealing with piracy we must make sure we wipe out the whole trend which starts as a joke in cyber cafes. The many idle youths should be targeted. They are the cause of piracy and cyber crimes. We have reasons to be worried. As long as we want to preserve our own culture we must realize that our youths are eroding the very values we want to preserve.

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