IBM’s Watson New Super Computer

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IBM recently released the Watson Super Computer, and it is everything companies were hoping for. Watson is named after the company’s founder, Thomas J. Watson, and it accompanies all the features businesses have been looking for in smart tech.

If you haven’t seen the many advertisements for Watson, including those ran during the recent Stanley Cup and across many different television networks, you’ve been missing out on your chance to see some very impressive technology.

You might be wondering, what’s so special about it? Well, first off, Watson isn’t just an ordinary system. The Watson super computer has been engineered from the ground up by the experts at IBM to make business processes that much simpler. And, it has integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make interacting with and controlling Watson that much simpler.

Watson’s key components include:

Watson is a complete AI system to manage businesses. You can have Watson manage just about everything, from finance to climate control on your business’ warehouse.

The voice-activated features allow you to actually communicate with Watson and ask for real-time updates on everything surrounding your business. Watson acts a personal assistant/manager/cloud system, and it truly makes business simpler.

IBM’s Watson New Super Computer

However, the impressive technology definitely comes at a price. But, since smart tech is here to stay, countless big name companies have begun implemented Watson’s technology to run their business quicker and more efficiently. Some key features of Watson include:

.Watson can understand people. It’s more than just voice recognition, it’s a complete AI system that learns from what it hears. Watson can actually understand and reason with people and data. Making it truly interactive.

  • You can easily ask Watson to interpret data for you and share key points in real-time.
  • One of the key points of Watson’s processing system is that Watson is also capable of handling unstructured data, like text, images, audio, and voice.
  • Watson can recognize tone of voice and emotions to tailor its response.
  • Watson is constantly learning and improving itself. That means while the first few weeks might be a little stop-and-go, Watson will slowly learn your preferences, needs, and commands and adapt to fit the needs of your company.

On the Watson system, you can build chat bots that are completely interactive to handle day-to-day needs. It’s available as a set of APIs and SaaS products, and it’s taking off quickly. Building on top of Watson was made relatively simple by IBM, thanks to jumpstart kits and boilerplate code. IBM also has starter kits for developers.

Integrating Watson into your business system can make running things that much simpler.


Watson is one of the many benefits that IBM brings to the world of technology. They have always been recognized for driving innovation, and Watson is a fantastic addition to the world of AI and smart tech. Many big name companies have already begun the implantation process, and with the current market trends, there’s a good chance that competitors of Watson are just on the horizon.

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