Distance cannot stop one from education

Learning from adistance has become more popular over the period. Distance learning has become less expensive and is more available. This trend of distance learning doesn’t seem to stop soon.

New and advanced technologies are making distance learning easier. One of them is the web and video conferencing software this greatly raises the efficiency of distance learning. This way of distance learning helps not only the students who desire to study but also the teachers who make the content available to the students. Considering the following information you can determine whether the new technology of audio and video or web conferencing are helpful in case of distance learning.

How is audio conferencing good for both students and teachers?

  • Audio conferencing helps the students and the teachers to interact in the ways that cannot be matched by all the standard ways such as e-mail communication and so on.
  • It helps in allowing present communication with many students and also at one or more places or different locations.
  • It helps the speaker or the teacher to reply the students by their comments that they have mentioned, which helps them to drive to different discussions.
  • It also allows to have an advanced learning setup for learning for adistance which establishes with low cost and also doesn’t need much maintenance.
  • The only drawback to this technology of audio conferencing is that there is no visual contact to the discussion or the lessons that are being explained, this is where the role of video conferencing comes into action.

Advantages of video conferencing:

  • Video conferencing is quite similar to the audio conferencing technology.
  • In real time it allows the interaction between the distance educators and the students.
  • The main feature that is different from the audio conferencing is that the video conferencing helps the students to not only hear but also see what is being taught and the materials that are being used by the speaker during the presentation or learning process.
  • There are two types of video conferencing setup which could be followed; the first is the two-way audio and one-way video and the second one is the audio and video both at the real time.
  • Be it one way or two ways the video is captured and is then transferred to display on a monitor or a television which is at the connection’s other side.
  • Audio can also be routed through the external speakers, a different setup for audio conferencing or even the speakers that are on the monitor.

How can you get a good software for video conferencing?

There are many online websites that provide you with high-tech and the Best Video Conferencing Software. They help you with a combination of both audio and video conferencing qualities for better interaction.

This is making it more popular in the field of distance learning. This software not only allows you to interact with ease but also helps the educators to allow them to post images, questions, quizzes or any other type of component which helps the students in interacting and answering questions.