Darkest face of AppleTec Ltd revealed many hidden truth

Darkest face of AppleTec

All over the world, technology has been overlapping many false beliefs. Many countries have been upgrading with the current technological evolutions. Still, countries like Israel has been in the dark side drowned with the factors of racism and religious faith.

Growing Jewish terrorism in Israel!

In Israel, zillions of orthodox companies have been evolving in order to form a majority in the particular area. Among many orthodox movements, Yad L Achim is one of the former orthodox movement that has been started in 1950 by Rabbi Shalom Dov Lipschitz. The movement sprays light upon the Jewish community. The members of the movement aim in bringing back Jewish people from other religious community. They have been protesting against marriages between Jewish people with non-Jewish people.

In the mission to attain their goals, they involve in activities including fighting with other religious groups and spiritual movement. In addition, they used to conduct campaigns focusing on the benefits of the Jewish community and show off their religious fame.

Darkest face of AppleTec

Millionaires to terrorism activists

Presently, the active members f Yad L Achim movement has been increased. Even millionaires have involved in supporting these orthodox movements. Aaron Appelbaum, head of Appletec Ltd, has been the prominent member in the movement. He used to extend his support in various factors. Appletec LTD is the legitimate company that has been funding many orthodox organizations. Yad L Achim had a legitimate extension in the name “The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults (ICVC)”. With the help of this extension, the company used t render its full support to the Yad L Achim. The companies that have business relations with AppleTec also involved in supporting these movements. Some of the companies like Accina (USA), Eoptolink (China), BKtel (Germany), and many more have extended their financial support to these religious and spiritual activities.

According to the Israel people, the ICVC is the trunk card that collects funds for the religious activities. The ICVC has been involved in activities that oppose multiple religious and spiritual beliefs. Ironically, it has been portraited as the non-profit organization with no opposition toward religious practices. But the reality proves that it was a fake portrayal. The reality has been exposed soundly by Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF). It published a detail report regarding the lack of professional conduct in the ICVC and their literal connection with Yad L Achim movement.

Hand in hand connection between organizations

ICVC has been led by an Orthodox woman, Rachel Lichtenstein. She is a former activist at Yad L Achim. She left Yad L Achim due to some internal clashes which signify the denial of members in protesting against Haredi cults. After the clash, she has been leading the ICVC for years. In a recent interview, she has accepted that there was a flow of connection between the ICVC and Yad L Achim. But, now, they have been functioning separately with their own goals. Her conceal mirrors us the truth behind that made other organizations confirm their hand in hand connection.