A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Screen Protector for Your Smartphone

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The screen of your smartphone is crucial to your overall experience. You should know that screen is the second most expensive part to replace. This means that you have to be cautious whenever you are using it. If you value your screen and the overall device, you have to put a screen protector.

Screen protectors can prevent scratches and other abrasions from affecting the actual screen. Many people think that screen protector is the same. They are mistaken. There are many things that you need to consider when choosing screen protector. Here’s what you should understand about screen protectors:

What are the types of screen protectors?

Choosing screen protectors based on the types is prudent. In most cases, you will find two types of screen protectors namely tempered glass and plastic film. Tempered glass screen protector is the most popular type of protector. Tempered glass protectors present better resistance against scratches and it can also insulate the screen against drops. Many people find this appealing because it closely mimics the feel of the actual screen.

Plastic film protectors came before the tempered glass. It looks like a sheet of plastic. This protector is cheap. However, plastic film protectors are not sturdy. This means that it cannot help in case of drops and falls. It offers decent resistance against regular scratches. It has two kinds – wet apply and dry apply.

Where to buy screen protectors?

Now that you know the types of screen protectors, choosing will be easier. It is just a matter of finding a reputable seller online. While you are at it, look for zagg warranty.

What makes tempered glass resilient against scratches?

Tempering is a process of heating a glass forming a sheet and then promptly cooling it. As a result, you will see pieces of glass that are more sturdy and durable. Tempered glass protector holds its shape and hard at the same time. Its hardness makes it an ideal screen protector plus it is easy to install or apply. When you apply, you just need to align and stick it. The best part is that it can be pulled off easily in case you want to replace it.

What are the specifications of a good screen protector?

When you are shopping online, you will see different specifications. When you encounter specifications, do not be confused. If you read 9H Hardness, it means the ability of the protector to withstand getting scratched by 9H pencil. The 9H pencil is the toughest of all pencils. Oleophobic nano-coating means it can repel oil and won’t retain fingerprint smudges. When you read “military grade protection”, it is more of a gimmick. The sturdiness of the protector won’t stop your screen from cracking against fall.

It is good that you consider screen protectors but do not rely on it solely. It won’t protect your whole phone. Remember that the four corners of your phone are the most vulnerable parts. If the face hits the ground first, a tempered glass protector will crack first before the actual screen.


Why Is Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Is The Best Under 100 Dollars

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If you have a budget of 100 dollars to buy a tablet, you should go through the budget tablet segments. Different people have different requirements when it comes to buying a tablet. Some buy it for playing games and watching movies, while some use it to read books and surf the internet. There are many who want a better camera while others opt for a better battery life. Out of all the best tablets under 100 dollars, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 stands out as an all-rounder. The following is the list of reasons why you should invest in buying the device.

Brand Value –

Whenever we buy a gadget, you pay immense attention to the brand because buying a product from a top brand ensures good quality. Even when we may get a better product on paper from not so popular brands, we settle for the devices from a popular brand. Samsung is among the most popular international brands in the electronic goods. When it comes to Android tablets, it tops the chart in sales figure. There are various service centers available to repair your device in no time when it is under warranty. You can also buy various accessories as they are readily available in the market.

Specifications –

Even though it is a 7-inch tablet, it is a complete value for money. There is no shortcoming as such and all the specifications are well-balanced. The display is having HD resolution with 800 x 1200 pixels. Therefore, the movie watch and game playing experience will be out of the world. The colors are vibrant and there is no glitch in the fast moving scene due to higher refresh rate.

The processor is powerful with the 1.3GHz quad-core chipset and the RAM is sufficient with 1.5GB DDR3. The internal storage is 8GB and you can opt for free cloud storage or buy microSD card up to 200GB. You will not face any storage issue. You can play heavyweight games smoothly and open multiple apps without any hang.

The cameras are great for the price point with 5MP on the rear and 2MP on the front. The selfies may be as impressive as most of the smartphones but it does the job well. The rear camera is great and the pictures taken are very detailed. You can capture HD videos. Coming to the battery life, the device will run for 11 hours straight on the full charge while surfing continuously.

Design –

The design department of the tablet overcomes all other best tablets under 100 dollars completely. It looks stunningly premium and extremely lightweight with 0.6 pounds for easy holding and portability. The screen is visible in daylight and the operating system along with the user interface offers more than rest of the tablets in its price range.

Tech news

Paying Too Much? Here’s How to make life EASIER and BETTER – For Less!

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Living life the way you want it is a difficult thing to do. It was full of complications and hardships. But at least, we have something to help us live easier and better. And the top of the list is the use of technologies. It is a powerful tool or application that help makes our works and tasks faster, easier, and simpler. In our daily life routines, we use technology. Everywhere we turn and look, we can see that we are always surrounded by technology. So in short, technology gained a part of our daily lives.

As modernization ascends, development of technologies also increases. Every so often, new technologies are born. And most people depend on the use of technologies in accomplishing certain tasks. We use technologies for the means of transportation, securing data, communication, and many more. For instance, we use mobile phones to contact or to reach out to someone either by sending a message or by calling. It makes the process easier, and it saves time. You no longer have to look for pen and piece of paper to write your missives, and then send it to someone through the use of local mail. But instead, you only have to type your message and then send it to the receiver in a click. Thus, the benefits and help that technology can give are unbeatable. Imagine your life without technology; is it as easy as it is now?

Tech product

Now, technology can also be useful in the fields of business, medication, construction, and even in gaining data and information. So obviously, technology is everywhere. That’s how important it became to the lives of people. So where can you get or buy certain types of technology? Well, worry no more! The Jung Tech online production will be glad and willing to help you choose and buy the latest, famous, and branded products you’ll ever need. They have everything you’ve been looking for! Only visit and your problem is already solved.

They sell various tech products such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, keyboards and mice, notebooks, storage, Ultrabook, webcams, controllers, and IP cameras. These come in different sizes, brands, and units. And of course, if you have these gadgets, you will need cases and more for its protection, which is also available in Jung Tech online sellers. Not only that, they even sell components – such as DVD writer, and power adapters, as wells as home automation hardware products, and networking technologies like modem routers, routers, range extender, neat gear options, and switch. Also, they have software for sales like Microsoft ESD, FPP, and OEM. The products are being sold at excellent and affordable prices.

Looking for the best Tech products? Everything you need, Jung Tech will provide for you. A fast-shipping online merchandiser of all times!


Necessary things for selecting a 3D printer

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If you are planning to buy a 3d printer then you can build models. By using designing software you can design anything like phone case, cosplay materials, plastic materials and more. These 3d printing machine provide endless production of products. Hence they are very useful and profitable. If you want a 3d printer cheap then you can just surf online. Before buying a printer machine you will have to know the types of 3d printers available in the market. Know their features and other details. Compare the features and price of the printers such that you will be able to buy the best printer at affordable rates.

3d printer cheap

3D printers are used to print the additive image or layer by layer processing of image to obtain the 3d object. This state of art technology can help you to create and produce different physical objects. Among all the printers like

  • Selective Deposition Lamination (SDL)
  • Binder Jetting (BJ)
  • Multijet et polyjet (MP)
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP)
  • Electronic Beam Melting (EBM)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Among all the printers FDM is the best and affordable types. It is one of the most popular type that helps in creating the models. Two methods used in this FDM printers will be heating and forcing out the plastic. It is very easy to find and it is a good printer. There are really other interesting types of 3d printers that will help in printing effective end products. Some of the printer machines are expensive such that using a fused deposition modelling can be helpful.You will have to select the materials needed for a 3d printer like plastic, almide, acrylonitrile and more. Just heat up the substance that is necessary for the printing. When the material gets loosened or softened, give instruction to print. At last it will form a layer by layer image of the object. Finally you will be able to obtain the designing 3d image as an object.

Building or designing your own printing designs can cost low. If you have to use designing software all you need to do would be downloading the best designing software. There are also many custom built printers that are pre-assembled. If you start to do it as a hobby then you will be able to go ahead in the field of technology. Comparing the price of 3d printers you can buy the necessary printer. Find some interesting website where you can find printers of all types. Just select the necessary type of printers such that you can find a 3d printer cheap.


Pick the top metal detector at an affordable price

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Metal detection is a quite addictive hobby that blends of both fun treasure hunting and old world discoveries. In this treasure hunt game, each beep that you hear, you get a special thrill of excitement at the possibility of digging up a rare, historical coin or treasure. To enjoy this hobby, the main thing you need to have in your hand is a metal detector. Tenrows website provides reviews on all the metal detectors available in the market and will let you make the correct decision before you purchase a metal detector. Here, you can also find out about downsides and advantages of various metal detectors.

Metal detecting is a fun discovery into the history of the area that you are searching, and you never know what might turn up next. However, to do this in a perfect way, it is important to choose the best metal detector for the type of treasure hunting you have planned and for the level of experience you have. However, there are a lot of factors you have to consider for choosing the right metal detector which can be important to enjoying and being successful with your hobby. Here you can find out about downsides and advantages of a metal detector you wish to buy.

Tenrows website collects reviews of best metal detectors and helps you buy the metal detector that is powerful, yet simple enough to guarantee that you have an excellent treasure hunting experience. At this website, you can view tips on what factors to consider for in an ideal metal and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Pick the top metal detector at an affordable price

If you buy the best metal detector for searching gold and silver but is too heavy to carry around, then your treasure hunting experiences will end in a misery. On the other hand, if you have a metal detector with electronics that are not strong enough to find the metal you want or if it misreads its targets, then also you will end up getting frustrated. Even if you have more electronic options than you need, you can become frustrated trying to figure out all the different frequencies and knobs. So always check reviews and features of a metal detector at to buy a detector that suits you best.

If you are a beginner and have never owned a metal detector before, then it is best to start out with a lower-priced metal detector model or a brand that has a good online following. You can check support from fellow users for a particular product at the tenrows website. As your experience or interest in metal detecting grows, you can upgrade your gear and pass your existing metal detector onto your kids. Whatever, the experience level you are at, you should have no problem finding the right metal detector for your needs online at the tenrows website.


Find Out The 2018 Best Telegram Sticker Packs

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If you are into instant messaging apps, then you would definitely love Telegram. This is a new instant messaging app for anyone who has Windows, macOS, Linux, as well as Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The Telegram can be used for sending messages, making and receiving calls, share photos, videos, audios and basically any kind of files that you want to share with anyone.

Connecting with other people, especially our loved ones has never been this exciting. Like other messaging apps, Telegram is totally free. This is fast and incredible because of its amazing and unique features. Now, you can choose from the best telegram sticker packs 2018 to show the world how cool you are.

Introducing – The Telegram Stickers

Stickers have always been part of Telegram. Similar to other text messaging apps, Telegram also provide their users with unlimited access to multiple images to make their messaging experience more exciting and fun. Users can choose from different stickers and can even send multiple stickers at once. There are default stickers that came with the app, and there are also additional emojis from 3rd party designers that you can install.

These Telegram stickers are designed in the WebP format which is the most lightweight format all across the web. Take a look at the latest and the most popular sticker packs for Telegram:

The Latest Sticker Packs

  • Batman Sticker Pack
  • Cyanide & Happiness Sticker Pack
  • Ice Age Sticker Pack
  • Foxy Sticker Pack

The Most Popular Sticker Packs

  • Simpson Sticker Package
  • Meme Sticker Package
  • Animals Sticker Package
  • Movies Sticker Package
  • Pusheen The Cat Package

Other Telegram Features

Aside from the fun stickers that you can use while messaging, Telegram also offer different features that surely every Telegram users will enjoy. Here are the additional features that come with the Telegram app:


  • Telegram Channels. This operates like “groups”. This is specifically created for users who want to broadcast a certain message to a wider audience. This is much convenient instead of sending the message individually.
  • Secret Chats. With the MTProto security protocol, secret chats are possible. These are somewhat different from the regular messaging. These are not available on other connected devices. This can only be made available on the one used for communicating because these are encrypted.
  • Voice Calls. This feature was introduced to Telegram users early 2017. These are also encrypted like the secret chats.
  • Video Messaging. This is also known as “Telescope” which was also introduced in 2017. Videos are restricted to be no longer than one minute but they can be automatically played.

Interesting Facts About Telegram

The Telegram was created in 2013 by a Russian entrepreneur, Pavel Durov, and his brothers. He is also the one responsible for creating the famous VKontakte, which he developed together with his brother Nikolai. Telegram is an American LLC and an English LLP. By the end of 2013, Telegram successfully gained 100, 000 daily users, and by 2014 it reached over 15 million.

During the first 3 months of 2018, Telegram gained over 200 million active users. With this growth, it is believed that the app will grow 50% stronger every year. Be part of the Telegram app users and enjoy their most amazing features.


MongoDB: Basic Tricks For The MongoDB Beginner

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Different commodities exist all over the world. Some are quite common and tangible. There are others which are used for high-stakes. Others will not know it, but information is a very valuable commodity. It’s also something that many people will pay a lot for. It can be seen happening in movies. But where did you think those movie ideas came from? People exist, decide, and survive with the use of numerous items. But information remains vital, especially when making day-to-day decisions.

The current world exists with the help of technological advancements. And it continues to evolve while using the most common tools. The internet became even more invaluable. Instead of storing documents, files, and information on documents like what most people have done in the past, they are using software storage these days. And using databases become a more effective choice for others. This is not only for personal use but for the need of most companies.


The MongoDB Difference

When it comes to database creation and information management, MongoDB became one of the biggest and most well-utilized. Comprehensive information allows for better management. It’s necessary to have a serious grasp on the functions that make the software function. Learning basic Mongodb tips trick and hacks can be very useful for you.

What you must know


  • Use the right version. The software comes in two bit types. The 32-bit and the 64-bit are the most common choices. It’s necessary to determine the right choices, especially when using the software. The most important thing that’s needed is to guarantee that you’re able to create a compatible software. 64-bit is the best choice especially since most of the programs are already utilizing these things. In order to not experience any issues, it’s necessary to create compatible databases.
  • Always utilize back-up. Create a backup for the database. This is something that’s actually essential. In fact, this is a basic step especially when creating a database. Instead of experiencing difficulties when a specific source is compromised, it’s important to create an exact copy to guarantee that you won’t be losing any type of data.
  • Proper precautions need to be taken. Security needs to be achieved properly. It’s very common for a lot of people to have their information exposed to numerous areas. When you want to make sure that the world doesn’t see the information and the whole thing is secured, then it’s imperative to choose the right choices out there. Secure it properly.
  • GetLastError will be imperative. It’s necessary to invest in this unless you aren’t really invested in faster processes. This guarantees you don’t have to worry about the whole thing when there are changes to be made.
Social media

The Benefits of having a good Instagram following

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Online businesses thrive on their online followers. This following is created mainly using social media and advertisements. From amongst the various social media platforms, Instagram is one of them. There are several benefits of getting a great Instagram following. Here is a list of few-

1- Increased exposure-

Having a large Instagram following allows you to get good exposure to the market and people. The more Instagram followers you have the more you can advertise your product or ability.

2- Visual effect-

Instagram is a great visual tool. Written advertisements are reportedly not as effective as visual ones. Instagram provides you the opportunity of making visual advertisements that people can look in an instant. The more followers you have, the more they will view your advertisement.

3- More likes

The more likes you get the higher you rank in the search engine. This will make your product or skill more visible to others and consequently aid your business.

4- Tag exposure

Using appropriate tags with your Instagram pictures can get you listed on people’s searches. If you have a lot of Instagram followers and they share your advertisements, your tags will get more exposure and in this manner, you can rank higher up in search engines.

5- More followers cycle

There is a cycle that follows followers on Instagram. If you have a minimum of 25000 followers, it is likely that you will attract attention and more people will follow you. Having more followers establishes you as an authority in your field. That is why it is necessary to buy real Instagram followers if you have to.

6- Other media

Since you can link your Instagram account to your other social media, having a good following on Instagram can help you popularize your other social accounts which will help all your social media accounts grow and gain more exposure.

There are many ways you can increase your Instagram following. Most of these ways are slow and take a lot of time to develop. An excellent way is to buy real Instagram followers and increase your following instantly.

Once you have a big following, the cycle will continue and you will gain more followers, not only on your Instagram but also on all your other social accounts and even your website as well.


An ico list that is coming under the ICO Pulse is reliable

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The coin system or token system that has covered full business online forced people to accept this digital currency. There are people that are still striking their mind for learning this new method of trading online. It is very complicated for those people that are not having knowledge about this new trend of trading. In this article you will learn all the things step by step.

  • The first step is that you must know that this digital currency is crypto currency. There are more than 1000 different coins that are used for trading. The most popular and the coin that is mostly used in this digital currency for trading is bitcoin. Bitcoins are accepting all over the globe.
  • In this new system you have fastest and most secured transaction. You account is very much safe here. They are using the best quality software that is blockchain for providing the best security for business as well as for the investing people.
  • This digital system that is used for trading has transparency and incorruptible nature. Uses the self-auditing technology where its network reconciles every transaction.
  • Highly transparent and at the same time, it cannot be corrupted. Every transaction that takes place on this server is embedded within the network. It is making the entire thing very much visible all the time to the public.
  • Here in this digital system you are getting the strong computing power. The frauds can be easily identified.

An ico list that is coming under the ICO Pulse is reliable

Now the time to understand how to enter and with which thing you can enter in safe mode. It is the ico list coming under the ICO Pulse that will let you have all the information of transactions, companies, exchange offers, and all information about trading. Here you can have full privacy.

As the time moves, digital currency gets its limelight and reaches the entire world. Moving towards them is one of the wise decisions that you make on your life and you are becoming a pioneer for the upcoming generations.

The companies that is reliable always like to show their clear picture to the audience. It is ico list coming under the ICO Pulse that helps in selecting the best company for trading. People that are using this method are gaining a lot returns from their investment. It is for sure that you are going to have scalability and mutability with this type of method. There are companies that like to increasing their capital and for that they provide share that are opened in the market. The firms that are found in numerous for investing and all other trading professionals look for the right time for investing. For digital currency trading one need to have patience because the longer time helps the investors to have more profits. This is the article that has provided all the main and required information about the new trading system. Hope you get good time by reading them.



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Research is a pompous curiosity, poking and prying to serve a purpose. A well-crafted content strategy works on researched keywords, important to drive web-traffic and obtain relevant results.

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key to keep your head above water in this competitive environment.It is an umbrella that covers both technical and creative elements essentially required for website visibility on SERPS. It is essential to understand all important elements of SEO to optimize your site and improve rankings at the first place. SEO Raleigh gives you end endless benefits to count on:

SEO Raleigh

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  • Push and pull quality raters to your business activity.
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  • Strong SEO strategy does not require paid advertising.
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  • Stay afloat with SEO long-term benefit.
  • Let you build your audience confidence and trustworthiness.
  • Create more awareness, knowledge, liking and preference among your customers.
  • Influence buying decisions of your customers.
  • Upsurge your brand responsiveness and uniformity.
  • SEO listings are always on the top, surpass paid advertising.
  • It is easy to quantify your conversion rates and sources of conversions.
  • Not only online, SEO drives Offline sales as well.
  • Easy access to new and emergingmarketplaces and earn better market share.
  • Fit in all your marketing events, and improves return on investment on all marketing activities.
  • Pep talk with your social networking fans.
  • Attract right talent your way.
  • The method is Cheap and affordable.
  • It acts as a snowball effect to Blog Posts, Business Articles, tutorials &User manuals, InfographicsandVideos on your site.
  • Keep you webpage buzzing all times.

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It is one of the excellent Public relation (PR) strategy to make you at topmost position on search engines, such as Google, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo.

Not only that, it help you making effective website recommendations and appear in google algorithms with excellent website design and development, user-friendliness, usability, server management and domain configuration. Additionally, it supports backlink inspection, keyword findings, software development and log breakdown.

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