Why Is Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Is The Best Under 100 Dollars

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If you have a budget of 100 dollars to buy a tablet, you should go through the budget tablet segments. Different people have different requirements when it comes to buying a tablet. Some buy it for playing games and watching movies, while some use it to read books and surf the internet. There are many who want a better camera while others opt for a better battery life. Out of all the best tablets under 100 dollars, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 stands out as an all-rounder. The following is the list of reasons why you should invest in buying the device.

Brand Value –

Whenever we buy a gadget, you pay immense attention to the brand because buying a product from a top brand ensures good quality. Even when we may get a better product on paper from not so popular brands, we settle for the devices from a popular brand. Samsung is among the most popular international brands in the electronic goods. When it comes to Android tablets, it tops the chart in sales figure. There are various service centers available to repair your device in no time when it is under warranty. You can also buy various accessories as they are readily available in the market.

Specifications –

Even though it is a 7-inch tablet, it is a complete value for money. There is no shortcoming as such and all the specifications are well-balanced. The display is having HD resolution with 800 x 1200 pixels. Therefore, the movie watch and game playing experience will be out of the world. The colors are vibrant and there is no glitch in the fast moving scene due to higher refresh rate.

The processor is powerful with the 1.3GHz quad-core chipset and the RAM is sufficient with 1.5GB DDR3. The internal storage is 8GB and you can opt for free cloud storage or buy microSD card up to 200GB. You will not face any storage issue. You can play heavyweight games smoothly and open multiple apps without any hang.

The cameras are great for the price point with 5MP on the rear and 2MP on the front. The selfies may be as impressive as most of the smartphones but it does the job well. The rear camera is great and the pictures taken are very detailed. You can capture HD videos. Coming to the battery life, the device will run for 11 hours straight on the full charge while surfing continuously.

Design –

The design department of the tablet overcomes all other best tablets under 100 dollars completely. It looks stunningly premium and extremely lightweight with 0.6 pounds for easy holding and portability. The screen is visible in daylight and the operating system along with the user interface offers more than rest of the tablets in its price range.

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