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If you are into instant messaging apps, then you would definitely love Telegram. This is a new instant messaging app for anyone who has Windows, macOS, Linux, as well as Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The Telegram can be used for sending messages, making and receiving calls, share photos, videos, audios and basically any kind of files that you want to share with anyone.

Connecting with other people, especially our loved ones has never been this exciting. Like other messaging apps, Telegram is totally free. This is fast and incredible because of its amazing and unique features. Now, you can choose from the best telegram sticker packs 2018 to show the world how cool you are.

Introducing – The Telegram Stickers

Stickers have always been part of Telegram. Similar to other text messaging apps, Telegram also provide their users with unlimited access to multiple images to make their messaging experience more exciting and fun. Users can choose from different stickers and can even send multiple stickers at once. There are default stickers that came with the app, and there are also additional emojis from 3rd party designers that you can install.

These Telegram stickers are designed in the WebP format which is the most lightweight format all across the web. Take a look at the latest and the most popular sticker packs for Telegram:

The Latest Sticker Packs

  • Batman Sticker Pack
  • Cyanide & Happiness Sticker Pack
  • Ice Age Sticker Pack
  • Foxy Sticker Pack

The Most Popular Sticker Packs

  • Simpson Sticker Package
  • Meme Sticker Package
  • Animals Sticker Package
  • Movies Sticker Package
  • Pusheen The Cat Package

Other Telegram Features

Aside from the fun stickers that you can use while messaging, Telegram also offer different features that surely every Telegram users will enjoy. Here are the additional features that come with the Telegram app:


  • Telegram Channels. This operates like “groups”. This is specifically created for users who want to broadcast a certain message to a wider audience. This is much convenient instead of sending the message individually.
  • Secret Chats. With the MTProto security protocol, secret chats are possible. These are somewhat different from the regular messaging. These are not available on other connected devices. This can only be made available on the one used for communicating because these are encrypted.
  • Voice Calls. This feature was introduced to Telegram users early 2017. These are also encrypted like the secret chats.
  • Video Messaging. This is also known as “Telescope” which was also introduced in 2017. Videos are restricted to be no longer than one minute but they can be automatically played.

Interesting Facts About Telegram

The Telegram was created in 2013 by a Russian entrepreneur, Pavel Durov, and his brothers. He is also the one responsible for creating the famous VKontakte, which he developed together with his brother Nikolai. Telegram is an American LLC and an English LLP. By the end of 2013, Telegram successfully gained 100, 000 daily users, and by 2014 it reached over 15 million.

During the first 3 months of 2018, Telegram gained over 200 million active users. With this growth, it is believed that the app will grow 50% stronger every year. Be part of the Telegram app users and enjoy their most amazing features.

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