What You Need To Know About The All New DJI Phantom 5

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DJI is a Chinese Technology company that has the best Aerial Unmanned Devices (AUV) or what we call “drones.” They have released their first drone for their Phantom Series in 2013. Since then, many drone enthusiasts are looking forward to their new releases as these are surely going to be better than their previous versions. Aside from drones, the company also designs, manufacture, and distribute other drone accessories.

The DJI Phantom 5

The DJI Phantom 5 is the fifth quadcopter of DJI’s Phantom Series. According to the DJI phantom 5 review by outstanding drone, this new quadcopter is believed to be released anytime in 2018. But before that, here are the things that you should expect from this new quadcopter from DJI.

  • What’s In The Box. When you unbox this new drone, you should expect to have the Phantom 5 Drone, a charger, a remote transmitter, some batteries for the drone, the propellers, gimbal, and the landing gear.
  • The Phantom 5 Look. It is expected that the shape and the structure of the drone would be the same as the other versions. The 5th version of this series will have the same kind of propellers that can help with its fast deployment and also easy transportation.

DJI phantom 5 review by outstandingdrone

  • The Speed and Flight Time. With the DJI Phantom 5, it is expected that the company will improve the speed on this new version but only for a few percentages. The new design of the drone can compromise the endurance as well as the performance.
  • The Battery Life. This is one of the main concerns of DJI Phantom drone users. Some are wondering just how much better would they need to carry with them in order to enjoy flying a drone in the park. DJI has been introducing a new battery on each generation making it incompatible with the previous versions. This will be the same as the Phantom 5 but it would still be lithium-powered batteries.
  • Remote Control + LCD Screen. With the new Phantom 5, you can now control the drone using the remote control that has a built-in LCD screen. This would also make it easier to navigate around different paths. You can now see the drone x pro feed no matter where you are flying it and you would also be able to analyze your surroundings making it easy to drive the drone home safely. The remote control will also let you switch from different flight modes quickly.
  • The Phantom 5 Transmitter. With the new digital link technology, it provides the drone with an amazing amount of range. You can expect for the video streaming to improve from 720p to 1080p. This new quadcopter will also ameliorate the resistance to interference and will have transmitting bands of 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz.

DJI is very well known because of their high-quality drones and world-class performance based on the customer feedback of the DJI Phantom Series. This is why drone-enthusiasts are waiting and excited about the release date of the DJI Phantom 5.

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