What To Do When Paper get Stuck In The Printer

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The printer is a much-required device these days, particularly in a commercial place such as a shop or an office. There are numerous types of printers available in the market from various brands. All of them have their own pros and cons. However, from a technical expert point of view, the problems faced with all of these printers are also common. One of such problems is getting the paper stuck in the printer and making it non-functional for a while.

The paper jam is a common problem that most of the users have faced, but there is hardly anyone who knows the solution for this. In the case of a single incident, one can ignore it, but if it is a regular problem, then it must be dealt with a technical solution with the help of an expert.

paper jam in the printer

The paper jam has a few reasons, and one must focus on them before going for the resolution.

  1. The quality of the paper: This issue is the most known one for a situation of frequent paper jam. If the paper is repeatedly used, if it is of lower quality or if it is torn from any area, it can stick in the printer. Hence the user must avoid using the repeated papers as well as low quality and torn paper for printing.
  2. Kind of paper: The paper must be free from moisture, oil and other chemicals as well as dust. These all elements can spoil the paper quality which ultimately can lead to the paper jam in the printer.
  3. Check the printer: In case there is no problem with paper one just needs to check the printer. The paper jam may be caused due to some unwanted thing stuck in the drum, wrong fitting of any apparatus or moved drums. One can know the printer if it is checked. In case there is any thing stuck inside just try to remove in gently if it cannot be removed just call an expert for help. In the case of, any apparatus is misfitted just call an expert and do not try it yourself as it can lead to more damage to the printer.

To check the printer one can just open the upper cover and see the situation. Usually, the piece of papers is a common problem which can be easily removed, and the paper feed tray can also be cleaned. There can be small pieces of paper which one can see but cannot remove as they may have stuck in an area which is out of one’s reach, just ask an expert as he can do it for you with his advanced tools and techniques. Usually, the mechanism of a printer is easy, and one can overcome this problem without any big trouble. But if it is a regular problem, it means that there is some part of the mechanism which is not working properly, and hence one must ask a professional expert to fix the printer and make it as before.


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