VoIP Cloud Phone System – The Modern Way of Communication

Business phone systems are the need of every business. Every business needs a phone number that could be reached to its employees. It was before the introduction of cloud phone systems. A cloud phone system is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based business telephone platform, which is hosted by a third-party. Voip cloud phone system helps a business to grow and prosper by offering clear, enjoyable, and professional communication.

Landlines are a thing of the past now, for both small and big businesses. It is high time for you to swap those landlines (if you still use them) with a cloud-based phone system.

Working of VoIP

The VoIP phone system works by converting voice into digital data and sending it through the internet connection by a router. Converting analog signals into digital ones requires a high-speed internet connection.

VoIP can be used in different devices like regular phones, computers, and IP phones.

Need of an IP Phone

Your business has to have an IP phone due to the multiple benefits it has to offer. Some of them are listed below here:

  • Cheap

There is no need for expensive hardware for VoIP to function. If there arises need for the new hardware, it is already available for public access.

Calls with VoIP costs less both locally and internationally. Also, there are no additional charges even if voices need to be sent over long distances.

  • Security

There is no need to worry about security as there is a reduced threat to security with the use of VoIP cloud phone system. The system uses advanced IP technology for improved password encryption and identity management.

Your VoIP service provider can also help by implementing rules like undergoing security audits, password usage by only staff, and setting up automatic alerts.

  • Easy communication

Despite many geographical barriers, a VoIP phone system allows you to communicate with many employees all at once. The information can be shared easily with the team for the smooth running of the business. Also, calls can be forwarded to multiple devices.

If you are using traditional methods even in today’s era, you need to switch to advanced methods for better productivity.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. With Velox, you can never go wrong. The company is one of the best VoIP service providers for small businesses in Singapore. The low-cost cloud technology can help your business to have seamless calls in and out of Singapore.

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